Kendon Single-Rail Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer

Light weight, easy to store

kendon trailer

Kendon Trailers

The svelte trailer stores easily, too.

Courtesy of Kendon

Look, you may not need a trailer for the well-oiled perfect machine that is your motorcycle, but you may have "a friend" whose bike isn't so reliable. Kendon's Single-Rail Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer is perfect for chase vehicles on group trips in case, you know, a friend, has trouble with their bike. Lightweight, convenient, and versatile, its space-saving design is only 27x72 inches standing up. It fits great in the when not in use. garage. The trailer's 1,000 lbs. carrying capacity accommodates heavy iron no problem. If you're interested, do your friend a favor and visit Kendon's website.