Küryakyn Brake And Turn Signal Options

Back Lit

1. We started with the Panacea setup. As we said the Panacea features super-bright LEDs and for this install we opted for the Panacea Smoke Turn Signal Inserts ($124.99) and the Deluxe Panacea Smoke Taillight ($176.99). Take note of the plugs at the ends of the two turn signals (arrows).

2. This is the stock lighting setup on this '07 Street Glide. It's just a couple of standard bulbs hidden behind a red brake light lens and two orange turn signal lenses. Yeah it does the job, but could definitely be brighter and more appealing to the eyes.

3. Installing the new turn signals was as easy as replacing a stock bulb. We simply popped off the orange covers with a flathead screwdriver, pulled the bulb then plugged the end of the turn signal into the bulb housing. Then we pushed the lens into the stock signal housing. The Panacea turn signals have the same male ends as a standard turn signal bulb so, it's just plug and play.

4. After removing the stock taillight light housing and disconnecting the wires, we plugged in the Panacea taillight wires then screwed the new taillight into the stock housing.

5. Next, we had to install the Panacea control module. Kryakyn offers an assortment of modules to fit various models/years. The module simply plugs in-line between the factory wiring harness and the rear taillights (under the seat). The module has two switches on it one is to turn the Panacea brake light flashing option on and off (arrow A). The other switch is to select if you have stock turn signals or Panacea turn signals (arrow B).

6. Here's the finished look. You can see the difference the LEDs make. And though it's hard to tell in this photo, (when you hit the left turn signal the left side of the brake light flashes orange and the turn signal lights a bright orange as well). With the taillight flashing option on, the taillight will flash several times when you hit the brakes to help catch people's attention. When not lit the chrome trim and smoked look really add to the rear of the bike.

7. Next, we installed the Deluxe Bullet Light Rear Turn Signal Kit ($239.99). This kit comes with everything you need to slim down the back of most Road Kings and Electra Glides with a Bullet turn signal bar, curved license plate mount, and a trim piece to cover the old license mount holes on the rear support bar.

8. Here's the bulky turn signal bar on the '06 Road King Classic we mentioned earlier.

9. First we removed the license mount, stock taillight assembly and turn signal bar from the fender.

10. Then we installed the new turn signals, license mount, chrome support bar trim piece, and stock taillight housing.

11. While this kit did require a little bit of soldering and wire crimping, it was only a couple wires and took a few minutes to make the connection, the other wires were just plug and play. If you're nervous about wiring, don't worry as Kryakyn provides very detailed instructions.

12. Once the wiring was complete, we re-installed the stock taillight and that was it. In about 30 minutes, we had given the back of this Road King a much cleaner and more streamlined look. Now it looks more in line with a Street Glide, with tight Bullet turn signals and the license plate mounted at the bottom of the fender.

If you haven't caught on by now, Kuryakyn has built a reputation on continually developing products that for the most part are quick and easy bolt-on applications. The company has everything from chrome covers to slip-on mufflers for just about every make and model of Harley. Being that we have our Lighting and Electronics Buyer's Guide in the this issue, we decided to get our hands on two of the exciting lighting options Kuryakyn offers.

As with most of Kuryakyn's products the two lighting options we're installing serve two purposes, form and function. The Deluxe Bullet Light Rear Turn Signal Kit cleans up the back of most Road Kings and Electra Glides by eliminating the huge Buick-like turn signal bar and relocates the license mount from the rear support bar to under the turn signals. The Panacea light system replaces the stock bulb brake light and turn signals with bright flashing LEDs, to help keep those mini-van soccer moms off your butt. Follow along as we install each system.