J.W. Speaker Launches New “Adaptive” Motorcycle Headlight!

J.W.'s second LED headlight in the series

led harley headlight

New JW Speaker Headlight

The second product of their adaptive line.

Courtesy of JW Speaker

J.W. Speaker Corporation, a leading U.S.-based lighting firm specializing in innovative LED solutions for OEMs and the aftermarket, has expanded their series of dynamically adaptive LED motorcycle headlights to include a new PAR46 (5.75" round) sized light, the Model 8690 A Series.

J.W. Speaker originally launched their "Adaptive Series" this past February, introducing the world’s first dynamically adaptive LED motorcycle headlight in a PAR56 (7” round) configuration. Consumer demand for this same adaptive technology in a PAR46 (5.75" round) size drove J.W. Speaker to develop the new Model 8690 A Series.

The Model 8690 A Series headlight uses the same advanced electronics and on-board sensors as the Model 8790, enabling the headlight to carefully calculate bank angles and automatically control a light array to direct the light up or down as the motorcycle leans. As a result, the Model 8690 A Series headlight fills in the void of light to the left or right of the motorcycle, providing additional illumination and enhancing visibility while cornering.

The Model 8690 A Series utilizes high-quality LEDs, proprietary optics and adaptive technology to produce a superior beam pattern. There's never been a better time to upgrade your motorcycle headlight to the superior power and adaptive performance of the Model 8690 A Series!

“We appreciate our motorcycle customers and could not be more excited to give them a quality product, offering enhanced visibility and added safety as they hit the road this summer,” said Kurt Kaufmann, Motorcycle Market Sales Manager at J.W. Speaker.

To learn more about the Model 8690 A Series please visit J.W. Speaker’s website.

J.W. Speaker specializes in the design and manufacture of vehicle lighting systems for OEMs and aftermarket applications.

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