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Jordan Designs 1929 Harley-Davidson JD

Ben Jordan’s “Status Quo” custom is anything but that

Ben Jordan of Jordan Designs tells us that almost everything on this 1929 Harley-Davidson JD is custom, which is good, because we’re a custom motorcycle magazine, just like it implies in our very simple title. Modified iron is our status quo; his is apparently a heavily tweaked machine with lots of one-off parts built for it because “Status Quo” is what he named this bike. And we’re okay with that.

In fact, the only thing even remotely stock here is the Harley JD engine Jordan set into the chassis. The rest of Status Quo—from the stainless frame, custom sheet metal, and controls all the way to the wheels—didn’t roll out of a Harley factory somewhere.

“This bike is a true chopper with a race-inspired feel that is my version of a 1930-’40s racebike,” Jordan says. Trying to finish the bike in the raw form was a completely different animal because, as Jordan said, “There isn’t any room for mistakes! Everything is right out in the open for the world to see!” This bike build also took a bit longer than Jordan expected, so just enjoy what you see!

JD mill

That JD mill looks pretty good for an 89-year-old.

Michael Lichter Photography

Cut tank

Ben Jordan cut the tank to accommodate the JD’s top end.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom harley-davidson JD profile

Further, that cut allowed him to sling the gas tank low on the backbone like this for a very smooth profile.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom harley-davidson floorboards

The custom floorboards leave no doubt as to the machine’s origins.

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drilled tank shifter

We’re liking the look of the drilled tank shifter.

Michael Lichter Photography

harley-davidson JD custom seat

If you weren’t a hardass before riding this bike, it’ll be your status quo afterward.

Michael Lichter Photography

1929 Harley-Davidson JD custom

Status Quo’s chassis was the work of Prism Motorcycles and Jordan Designs but the springer fork is a Harley-Davidson 45.

Michael Lichter Photography