Johnson City, TN | Final Rally Point | HOT BIKE Tour 2017

September 8-10, 2017

Johnson City, Tennessee

East Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places in the world and take it from the hundreds of thousands of visitors who have caught a glimpse of our part of the Appalachian Mountains over the years. Hikers, bikers, and everyone in between travel from all over the country to experience the great outdoors that they have to offer the Steel Horse Nationals. To learn what Johnson City has to offer - Click Here

Downtown Johnson City

Relax at the many restaurants downtown from a sidewalk café to Italian pizza to homemade chicken and rib specials all the way to an authentic German restaurant. For nighttime entertainment, downtown Johnson City features wonderful music venues, several bars and clubs, and options to sample some of the wonderful local craft brews. To learn more about downtown Johnson City - Click Here


Downtown Johnson City

Southern Dozen

If you like straight, easy roads, this is probably not your kind of place. If you're looking to coast, or stay on cruise control, look elsewhere. But if you want to RIDE, come to Johnson City. From Johnson City, riders can take off on 13 unique, exciting excursions, as short as 37 miles round-trip to as long as 157 miles.Ride one or ride all 13 of the Southern Dozen from The Snake Ride to The Long Dam Ride. So Start Your Adventure on the Southern Dozen! - Click Here

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