JIMS Milwaukee Eight Valve Spring Collar

Works with JIMS existing valve spring compressor

For decades, JIMS Machine has been making all kinds of specialty tools to make wrenching on your Harley-Davidson much easier. When the Mo Co gave birth to the Milwaukee Eight engine last year, JIMS engaged research mode to conjure up the new tools you'd need to work on one.

The new Milwaukee Eight engine boasts an all new head design, utilizing four valves per head. The new valve design is different from previous years’ models and requires a different valve spring collar for assembly and disassembly. Now, instead of having to buy an entirely new tool for the job, JIMS has come out with an adaptor collar for their existing valve spring compressor (No. 96600-36B) to get both jobs done. You can see this tool in action on the JIMS YouTube Channel. For more information contact JIMS at [email protected] or visit their website.

milwaukee eight valve spring remover

Not only will this tool save space in your toolbox, but priced at $61.00 it won't break the bank, either.

Courtesy of JIMS