JIMS Mighty Bite Milwaukee-Eight Crankshaft Lock

How to deal with the Milwaukee-Eight crank position sensor

crankshaft lock Mighty Bite

The JIMS “Mighty Bite”


Like any toddler, the young Milwaukee-Eight has different needs than its older siblings. The new Milwaukee Eight has a unique crank position sensor location and requires a different profile to lock the flywheel. This tool specifically locates and locks the flywheel in the new Milwaukee Eight engine and has an added O-ring to prevent oil seepage.

The JIMS “Mighty Bite” (Part No.5823) is designed to lock the crankshaft when doing service work. Competitively priced at $43.75 (MSRP), this tool is easily justified compared to trying to lock your engine in other ways. Want to know more? Look it up at jimsusa.com