JayBrake J-6 Ultra Brake Calipers

JayBrake J-6 Ultra Brake Calipers are a true progressively-sized six piston billet aluminum caliper. They’re available to fit 11.5”, 300mm, and 13” rotors. They work with OEM ABS systems and provide incredible braking power. These calipers are engineered with a six piston differential bore design for optimal performance and pad wear. The dual seal design utilizes a wiper seal for longer seal life. The JayBrake logo is offset to allow for uninterrupted smooth lines. They’re more compact than JayBrake Classic J-6 Calipers. They bolt-on directly to 2000 & up H-D style front lower legs (except Springers). JayBrake J-6 Calipers are available in a chrome or black Ultra style.