Jagg 10-Row Low Mount Touring Oil Cooler Kit - Cool Your Horses

1. Here is the Jagg 10-row oil cooler, three feet of 3/8-inch oil hose, four 7/8-inch black hose clamps, the offset oil filter adapter, and anti-rotation device

2. We first removed the oil filter. Then we installed the back half of the adapter using the supplied 1-inch lock nut onto the stock oil filter flange. Next, we installed the front half with the anti-rotation device touching the engine case.

3. We removed the two nuts on the regulator mounting bolts and lifted the regulator and wires out of the way. We slipped the oil cooler over the regulator mounting bolts and re-installed the regulator.

4. We installed the oil lines, being careful to cut lengths that allowed a smooth curve in the line without any kinks. We tightened the hose clamps, making sure the screws did not interfere with the oil filter.

5. We reinstalled the oil filter and added about 1/2 quart of oil to bring the oil level to spec. Then we ran the motor and checked for leaks. Now we're ready for summer.

Heat is the enemy of our air-cooled V-Twin machines. However, for most of us, mid-summer is when we tend to spend the most time in the saddle. While it's always best to keep your bike moving as much as possible to help cool its internal blood flow, an oil cooler is an excellent way to help reduce overall temps. We jumped at the chance to install a new Jagg 10-Row Oil Cooler on our hopped-up '06 Electra Glide Classic. Keeping the oil temperature within a reasonable working range is a healthy thing for an air/oil-cooled motor. But it can be hard to do on hot summer rides or on parade duty, and even more difficult on a Stage II performance motor. Thus, a low-slung oil radiator makes a lot of sense.

The Jagg Cooler 10-Row Oil Cooler (MSRP $219.95) is designed for late model Evo and TC-88 and TC-96 Dressers and Road Kings. The 10-row radiator is a compact unit that offers 40 percent greater cooling capacity than Jagg's other high-performance 6-row cooler. It's supplied as a complete kit for Evo applications. Twin Cam applications require a Jagg Offset Oil Filter Adapter (MSRP $109.95). Jagg has added an anti-rotation device to the adapter to insure that the adapter will not rotate during oil filter removal.

To determine the temperature reducing performance of the cooler, we used three different temperature measurement techniques to compare before and after values. First we rode the bike to get the engine up to normal operating temperature. Then we noted the Engine Temperature (ET) in the log from our Daytona Twin Tec TCFI engine module; we directly measured the oil using a temperature probe on our automotive engine analyzer; and we measured the external engine temperatures in five places with our infrared thermometer. After installing the oil cooler, we again rode the bike and re-measured. All temperatures are shown in degrees Fahrenheit.

Before After Var
Ambient Temperature 66 70 4
Daytona {{{TT}}} TCFI Log 260 243 -17
Analyzer {{{Probe}}} 210 209 -1
Infrared Thermometer
Oil Tank Case 168 159 -9
Rear Head {{{240}}} 232 -8
Front Head 209 201 -8
Oil Filter Flange 211 207 -4
Crank Case 215 206 -9

As you can see, the Jagg 10-row oil cooler brings the temperature down an average of 8 degrees while the ambient temperature went up 4 degrees. Now that's reassuring to know when we're riding through The Devil's Kitchen in the Texas Panhandle.