IV League Flat Track / Del Mar Series Finale

Over 40 photos of non-stop thrills

Shaun and Aaron Guardado of Suicide Machine Company await a heat race.

The Del Mar Arena is the Battleground for the IV League Del Mar Series races

Gabriel Vidrio , Aaron Guardado and Mark Atkins getting ready.

The start of the Hooligan "A" Main on Sunday

Mark " The Butcher" Atkins is the man to beat in the Hooligan Class

The Guardado brothers of Suicide Machine Company

On board with our online editor Ed Subias, that's Cameron Brewer of Roland Sands Design on the gas directly in front of him.

Roland Sands and Gabriel Vidrio with some race talk while in staging

Roland Sands going for it on a sweet Harley-Davidson WR

Mark Atkins of Rusty Butcher doing what he does best, lead a race...

Some nice machines were ridden out to Del Mar to check out the race action.

Hooligan Start

Sean Delshadi of Burly Brand

Logan Lackey and Buddy Suttle getting in some undercover practice at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Race action from our online editor's Sportster

Lining up the Hooligans

Buddy Suttle of Unknown Industries slicing through the pack on a Kraus Motor Co. Sportster

A common sight at the Hooligan races, Mark Atkins with the "W"

Buddy Suttle is always having a good time

The Rusty Butcher machines

Kraus Motor Co. Sportster

Roland Sands Design Sportster

Burly Brand Sportster

Cool looking and functional side plates

The FXR of San Diego Customs' Chip Kastelnik

Logan Lackey with the win in Sunday's Hooligan "B" main

Brawny Built FXR

Buddy Suttle of Unknown Industries getting sum on the Kraus Motor Co. Sporty tracker

Logan Lackey getting a few rips in around the empty horse stables

Roland Sands' super cool H-D WR

You can't keep Buddy Suttle from doing a few wheelies

Another San Diego Customs Creation

This past weekend the Del Mar Series Finale by IV League Flat Track Racing took over the Del Mar Arena with non-stop thrills and spills. The third and final event of the series was a doubleheader with 2 days of racing that brought out numerous racers from all over the western United States.

Among these racers were the exuberant bunch of the fast growing "Hooligan" class ( street legal Harley-Davidson motorcycles), so many in fact that both days of racing had to have 2 divisions. This class seems to be growing like wildfire and getting a lot of attention through the internet and social media along with growing involvement from within the industry. It's no surprise why if viewed in person or better yet raced firsthand. A dozen men piloting 500lb fire breathing V-Twins around a dirt oval is something to behold. Wrangling a street legal Sportster around the dirt with no front brake ( racing regulation) is akin to handling a runaway bus of sorts, that's my take on it from personal experience racing in the Hooligan class, haha.

It takes a certain type of person willing to put body and machine on the line for little more than glory, a plaque and bragging rights. Amongst these special racers are former AMA National Champion and bike builder extraordinaire Roland Sands, the insanely talented Unknown Industries Riders Buddy Suttle and Logan Lackey, Internet sensation Mark Atkins of Rusty Butcher and #TrackerTuesday fame, Aaron and Shaun Guardado of Suicide Machine Company and a slew of industry people like Sean Delshadi from Burly Brand and Cameron Brewer of Roland Sands Design. The current king of the Hooligan class is Mark "The Butcher" Atkins. Domination is the only word to be used because he simply wins every heat and main event in sight.

Don't think you have to be well known or in the industry to participate though, any regular joe with a street legal Harley can show up and basically slap on a numberplate and partake in V-Twin fun. IV League has plenty of other classes to race in also. If you have a motorcycle of ANY type, IV League has a class for it! Bust out that mini-bike, dirt bike,dual-sport , old street bike or whatever gathering dust!

On June 7th there will be a special edition IV League race during the San Diego County Fair and next fall is when IV League starts up their next Del Mar Series and is for sure to be bigger and more action packed! Brian Bell and his crew pour their heart and soul into these events and it shows, because they are nothing short of fantastic. Hot Bike recommends you come check them out as either a spectator or racer, you won't be disappointed!!

Stay up to date on IV League racing: www.ivlft.com