Daniel Sosa

Justin Coleman

Torch Industries

Describe yourself in three words.

Sosa: Proud, Chicano, male

Coleman: Proud, Caucasian, male

Three things you love.

Sosa: My kids, Chevys, and Harleys

Coleman: Family, bikes, cars

Three things you hate.

Sosa: Midget strippers, long lines, question #1

Coleman: Deadlines, texts, and demands from Zamora (ED: Zamora answered this one)

Why the motorcycle industry?

Sosa: Harleys and Chevys are where it’s at.

Coleman: I started out in a shop building cars — bikes were a side hobby — but I feel there’s more room to be creative building bikes and not so much monotony.

What is the future of the motorcycle industry?

Sosa: The past is the future. Old school.

Coleman: The old will always be new.

What is your greatest achievement?

Sosa: Building “Pelionero”

Coleman: Making the step to open my own shop and keeping it open so far.

What is your biggest regret?

Sosa: Selling my Chevy 1950 Trokita.

Coleman: No regrets, only lessons in life.

Who inspires you?

Sosa: John Zamora (ED: Zamora answered this one)

Coleman: Too many to list! There are so many guys out there that just blow me away with the level they’re taking things too.

What was your first bike?

Sosa: 1974 Harley Davidson FLH

Coleman: 1978 Yamaha Enduro 185

What is your all-time favorite bike?

Sosa: “Shovel King”

Coleman: Johnny C’s “Snowflake”

What are you currently building?

Sosa: 1997 Road King

Coleman: Cone Shovel with a bunch of extra sh*t strapped to it.

Any last words?

Sosa: Torch Ind, Supreme Seventies, Straight Razor Barbershop, Unauthorized Ink, Big Tiny T.T.T.

Coleman: What Sosa said.

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