Installing a Sissy Bar and Pegs on IronHorse Legend - Bring A Passenger

Installing a Sissy Bar and Pegs

Sometimes when you're going out for a ride, it's you plus one. For those trips, it's worth installing a set of pegs and a seat-hell, even a sissy bar to keep her on the bike as you cruise the highways. We know everybody has good cause to double up at least every now and then, which is why we decided to make our long-term test bike, the American IronHorse Legend, comfortable for a passenger. We headed over to Lifestyle Cycles, located in Anaheim, CA, to add a second set of footpegs, a pillion seat, and a tall sissy bar to our Legend. When ordering parts for your bike, take into consideration tire size, desired sissy-bar height, and the style of pegs you'd like.

Service tech Anthony Walton started with the sissy bar. We are using the Tall "A" package, which comes with the bar, two fender mounts, the bolts, and a set of templates. Make sure you use the right template for the model of motorcycle you have. Some packages come with two sets that will work on a different bike, such as the Tejas, Slammer, or Outlaw.