Installing Jaybrake's Defender Lock - Defender of Evil

1. We caught Carl Horschel of Jaybrake just as he was about to install a chrome RoadLoK Defender on an '02 Road King in Sturgis this past August. Here is the bracket with the locking pin already in place (A). Just about the locking pin is the key hole (B). The Defender comes with two RoadLoK specific keys to prevent duplication. Also included is a plug to use in place of the locking pin while riding (C).

2. Installation was really simple; all Carl had to do was unbolt the right side caliper...

3. ...and use the supplied mounting bolts to secure the RoadLok Defender bracket to the caliper mounts (yes, he used thread locker).

4. Then Carl used the stock caliper mounting bolts to secure the caliper to the RoadLoK Defender bracket (more thread locker). Carl mentioned that in some applications it may be necessary to slightly bend or fuss with the brake line in order for the caliper to reach the new mounting position.

5. Carl also mentioned that the keys come with an I/D number and it's important to register the keys. There is a ReKey Secure Key Replacement program. However, if you don't register your keys and you happen to lose them it will be very difficult to get new keys made. And no, you can't just go to your local locksmith, the keys are made from special blanks that come from one particular company.

6. Here's how the locking pin works (we shot this in front of the fork leg for easier viewing). The BrakeBolt locking pin is springloaded, so once it is installed into the bracket, you simply roll the bike forward until

7. ...the locking pin slips through one of the holes in the rotor. The bike is then locked in place and cannot move anywhere. Oh, and for those who think you could just unbolt the bracket or cut the pin, the pin slides into the bracket housing on the backside of the rotor, basically making it impossible to unbolt or get at the pin with a cutting device.

8. The locking pin has a yellow lanyard attached to it that helps catch your attention and remind you to pull the locking pin out.

Rotor locks have been around for many years and are one of the simplest and quickest ways to add an extra level of security when it comes time to walk away from your bike. There can be a few downsides to rotor locks, the most embarrassing and potentially harmful to you and your bike is forgetting to remove the lock before you ride.

Jaybrake has a great solution to the rotor lock downfalls with the RoadLoK Defender. The RoadLoK Defender is a billet bracket that mounts between the fork leg and caliper and incorporates a hardended stainless steel BrakeBolt locking pin that slides through the rotor locking it in place and preventing the bike from moving. Jaybrake offers the RoadLoK Defender as a bolt-on application for various H-D models from '84-present, '93-present Victory models, as well as many aftermarket rotors. The Defender is available in polish, clear satin anodize, and black satin anodize for $199.95, or chrome for $229.95.