Inspiration From The Editor

This being our March issue, many of you on the eastern side of the country are probably lounging in your La-Z-Boy with your feet up, fire blazing, ready to thumb through this latest issue of HOT BIKE as another 5 inches of fresh snow pile up at your garage door. Meanwhile, inside the garage your bike is probably in pieces, waiting for you to return to finish your latest winter resto project.

If that's the case, then you'll be glad you've got this issue in your hands. Why? Because it's packed with inspiration. Take the cover bikes, for example. Wouldn't you like to own the horsepower title in your neighborhood, or maybe even state? Just do what Chris Olson did and slam a triple-digit monster motor between your framerails, and then hang a meaty MagnaCharger off the side for good measure. Not into horsepower? Check out what Kent of Lucky Devil Motorworks did with a Road King. Bet you'd stop 'em in their tracks if you transformed that stock bike in your garage into something like that. Heck, even if you just did half the work Kent did, you'd still have one badass bike.

So you're not looking to get that crazy with your project this year. That's OK-we've still got you covered in the tech department. How about swapping out those old bars you have for something more updated, like Todd's Cycles' crossbreed ape/Z-bars we installed on a '96 Springer? While you're at it, why don't you clean up the look of your bars by installing one of Gard Hollinger's internal throttles? He explains it step by step. Ever seen a set of four-into-one exhaust pipes on a Harley? Well, Hooker Headers sells them, and we installed them on a supercharged Fatboy.

Or have you been thinking maybe that old bike of yours would like a companion in the garage on cold days like this? Maybe something that already has a big motor, lots of chrome and flashy paint, and all you have to do is ride it? Well, then, you'll definitely want to take a look at our feature on the '07 Saxon lineup; there's bound to be something that will spark your interest.

What's that? You don't live on the East Coast? You're not socked in by the snow or freezing rain? You've got plenty of year-'round riding weather? No problem-all this is just as informative and entertaining when being read on the toilet.

Enjoy!Until next time,Eric