Inside the S&S TC3 Oil Pump and Cam Plate


S&S cam support plates are made in the USA and are machined from forged aluminum for strength and dimensional accuracy. S&S cam support plates are available to fit 1999–2006 and 2007–later Harley-Davidson Big Twin engines. Each cam plate has an adjustable oil pressure regulator, which can be tuned without removing the plate from the engine. The plate’s passage plugs are also removable for servicing, and the bronze pinion shaft and cam bushings are removable as well as replaceable.

The S&S TC3 oil pumps are made in the USA for 1999–present Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engines and have three separate sets of gerotors for consistent pressure and reliable scavenging. There are separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest with no interference between the two. S&S has proprietary screens and magnetic traps to help protect the scavenge rotors from debris, and the design of the pump allows S&S pumps to tolerate more pinion shaft run-out without damage.