Inside the Fox Street Performance IFP-R Shocks

Suspended Animation

With a heritage of more than 40 years in the suspension game, Fox has finally brought some of its brand of road vibration deferment onto the highway. The Street Performance IFP-R shocks are a gas-charged mono-tube, with internal floating piston system housed in a 1.5-inch 6061-T6 aluminum hard anodized body with a 1/2-inch low friction, super-finished hard chrome shaft. The IFP-R shocks possess a model-specific (Sportster, Dyna, FXR, and bagger) optimized ride utilizing Fox’s proprietary high-flow, deflective disk, velocity-sensitive damping, which in real-world terms means this shock has delivered us some real good riding on all kinds of tarmac once the shocks were set up correctly. And Fox makes setting these shocks up a fairly easy process. We first set up our shocks with about 1 inch of sag and then using the provided adjustment table, we cross-referenced our body weight and the numbered lines on the shock body. The shock felt much different and more compliant than when they were box stock. The great thing is that the shocks can be easily adjusted up and down for rider, passenger, and cargo weight by using the table again and again.

After getting the compression dialed in, we then fine-tuned the ride with the rebound-damping knob at the bottom of the shock. We first thought we needed slower rebounding so we turned the knob clockwise, but we found that we needed a softer feel so we clicked the knob a few notches left.

After all of the tuning was said and done we found these offerings to be some of the best shocks we have used on pre-2014 Harley-Davison baggers (our testbike was a 2009) in terms of soaking up road vibration and big hits such as bumps or potholes.

After a few hundred miles on them, we can for sure tell you this: If you are looking for a better working and more sophisticated set of shocks that you can actually wrap your head around, you might just want to check these out.


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