Inside the 2013 Hot Bike Power Tour

Hot Bike Power Tour with Sponsors

Wednesday & Thursday, August 28-29 - Racine, Wisconsin Tuesday, August 27, Anderson, Indiana Monday, August 26, Bowling Green, Kentucky Sunday, August 25, Jackson, Tennessee Saturday, August 24, Little Rock, Arkansas

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We have been ramping up for our first annual Hot Bike Power Tour for quite some time now and it’s shaping up into one monumental event. We are indeed following in the footsteps of our sister magazine Hot Rod’s amazingly successful Power Tour, which has been running this country ragged for almost 20 years with a healthy mix of horsepower and asphalt. We are taking the same recipe learned over a couple of decades, only converting it to two wheels instead of four, and hitting five cities in as many days. Yes, instead of riding to an event, parking, and posing with your bike, you can be riding your bike and being one with the road on an actual rolling rally with your knees in the breeze!


We are passionate about riding our custom-built bikes and know that you are too. So we decided it was high time to load up our motorcycles with all the supplies, grab some of our best friends, and take to some of the most scenic byways the USA has to offer while racking up the miles on our two-wheeled freedom machines. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sooner or later everybody needs a vacation. So we decided to give ourselves, and you, our readers, a reason to throw a leg over your bike and get out of town for a few days. No more, no less.


We will be riding right through the middle of this great country of ours rehashing stories with old friends and making new lifetime ones, all while visiting the cities of Little Rock, Arkansas, Jackson, Tennessee, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Anderson, Indiana, and ending up in Racine, Wisconsin, only 30 miles from Harley-Davidson’s headquarters on the company’s 110th anniversary celebration weekend. Talk about one hell of a prodigious ride!


The dates are as follows: Saturday, August 24, Little Rock in downtown. Sunday, August 25, Jackson at Fairgrounds Park. Monday, August 26, Bowling Green at the National Corvette Museum. Tuesday, August 27, Anderson at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino. Wednesday, August 28, Racine at Downtown Lake Front at Pershing Park. With the whole thing wrapping up in a big ceremony all day Thursday, August 29 again at Perching Park in Racine. It’s a schedule not to be missed!


All of the Hot Bike editors and contributors will be on hand as well as the writers from Baggers and Street Chopper magazines will also be in attendance, riding, writing, and shooting what is going down and who is rolling around on what. Along for the ride will also be a select group of your favorite bike builders and personalities that you can brush elbows with and see their latest creations while riding down the highway side by side. Now’s your chance to meet the faces behinds the pages and get to know some of the names scribbled in each issues.

What Else?

Each night we will have a ton of activities at every stop such as giveaways, raffles, product demos, nightly ride-in bike shows, autograph sessions, tattoo contests, live music, a Ms. Hot Bike Power Tour pageant, as well as a custom builder’s row area where you can see some truly killer custom creations.

For those of you that sign up to do the whole ride tip to tail, there will be a special designation for you hard-asses. Riders that complete the entire journey will be nominated as a Longrider that includes special prizes and Longrider-only VIP treatment. If you want to roll with the big dogs, saddle up and hit the highway for the entire way.

For those riders that can’t make all five-stops, you’re welcome to still sign up and ride with us to as many cities along the way as you can. If we happen to be rolling through a city stop near your, pack up, ride out, and join us for the day.

Even if you’re cage-bound, pack up the car and bring some of your buddies, better yet the whole family, and join in on the fun for some no-cost spectating. Yes, remember that it is completely free to come and hang out with us at any of the Hot Bike Power Tour’s event cities!

In Short

Don’t miss out on being part of the inaugural event. Years from now, when the Hot Bike Power Tour has taken on a life all its own, you can look back and brag about being one of the first riders to attend. This is a great country that we live in, and there is no better way to experience all that we love about it than with an American V-twin motor thumping between your legs. Riding a motorcycle is more about the journey than the destination. The Hot Bike Power Tour combines both and offers you a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. Join us this August and let’s make history together.

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