How To Replace Your Harley-Davidson Road Glide’s Bulb

A beginner-friendly video on how to spot lighting problems on your Road Glide motorcycle

Sometimes the simplest little things can be a challenge if we are new to a machine. Something as trivial as replacing a burned-out bulb can be daunting if we are new to a brand. Well the task is quite easy on a Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special. The job requires but one very basic tool.

So lets look at what determines if your Road Glide has a burned-out bulb, and then we’ll demonstrate how to replace that torched unit. When a bulb is out on the Glide, it will trigger what’s called a “hyper-flash” alert. This just means the turn signal indicator on the gauge cluster will flash faster than normal, indicating there is an issue with one of the bulbs. Once you see the hyper-flash, leave the turn signal on and walk around the bike until you’ve located the non-functioning bulb. After that, all you need is a new bulb, a flathead screwdriver, some dielectric grease, and a clean rag.

Before you start on the bulb, make sure you remove the main fuse first. To replace the bulb, remove the cover by inserting the flathead screwdriver in the slot on the outside diameter of the turn signal lens (the ignition should be turned off at this point, and the bike’s main fuse should be removed). Once the lens is removed, press in on the bulb and twist it to the left. Before installing the new bulb, make sure to add some dielectric grease on the terminals, then set the new unit into place without touching the glass. The idea is to prevent oils from your skin from getting on the glass, which will cause premature failure of the new bulb. It’s as easy as that.