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J&P; Cycles Contributes $10,000 To Camp Courageous

J&P; Cycles is very proud to announce that their 2007 fundraising campaign for Camp Courageous of Iowa has raised a record $10,000. Located just 10 miles from J&P; in Monticello, IA, Camp Courageous of Iowa is a year-round recreational facility for handicapped and special needs children and adults ranging in age from 1 to 100. Money was raised from J&P; Cycles Annual Poker Run and Annual Motorcycle Industry Golf Outing. The 2007 total of $10,000 brings J&P; Cycles total donation over the last eight years to over $43,500.

The 10th annual Poker Run was held on June 9th and over 300 riders set out on the 115-mile ride through Eastern Iowa. The first stop was at Camp Courageous, where riders were able to talk with some of the kids they were helping and get a glimpse of the beautiful facility for which the funds were raised.

Then on June 23rd, J&P; held the 6th Annual Golf Outing at Fawn Creek Country Club. Distributors from around the country attended the event, contributing by sponsoring holes and awards as well as making cash donations.

"We just can't say thank you enough to J&P; Cycles for their years of generous support," said Camp Director Charlie Becker. "Our Camp is entirely funded by donations and J&P; Cycles' contribution helps so many campers each year. My hat goes off to everyone for helping J&P; support us again this year."

J&P; Cycles can be reached online at or toll-free at (800) 397-4844.

Nationwide Insurance
Surveys America at Play

Nationwide Insurance has again taken the pulse of the country's powersports enthusiasts, thanks to their 2nd annual America at Play consumer survey. Over 2,500 motorcyclists, boaters, RV, and travel-trailer owners answered questions about themselves and their favorite motorized toy.

Here are some of the interesting points the survey found:

  • Motorcyclists use their vehicles more often than any other powersport enthusiasts. Motorcycles are used an average of 42 times annually; powerboats, 20 times per year, bass boats 17 times per year, RVs 11 times per year, and travel trailers five times per year.

*Motorcyclists dedicate 27.5 hours per week to all leisure activities; RV owners 35.3 hours, travel trailer owners 28.6 hours, power boaters 26.5 hours, and bass boaters 26.4 hours.

*Motorcyclists run their vehicle an average of 2.3 hours per use; powerboats 3.4 hours per use; bass boats 3.5 hours per use.

*72% of motorcyclists agreed buying their vehicle was an adventurous thing to do; 66% of RV owners, 57% of power boaters, and 51% of bass boaters said the same of buying their vehicles.

*80% of motorcyclists agreed that life is becoming more and more fast-paced; 69% use their vehicle to escape the fast-pace of life.

*59% of motorcyclists said life wouldn't be nearly as much fun without their vehicle; 52% of RV owners, 52% of power boaters, 48% of bass boaters, and 47% of travel trailer owners said the same of their motivations.

*79% of motorcyclists have participated in some type of safety course; 51% in the last 36 months.

More info can be found through Nationwide at

Remembering A Hero

Last February Rick Frazier's son, Marine Sgt. Joshua James "Josh" Frazier, was killed while serving in Iraq. Concerned people would forget the man Rick calls his hero, a ride with more than 1,000 people and 450 bikes was organized in Josh's honor. Two of Rick's friends, Steve Robinson and Kent Zech, wanted to do more for Rick than just attend the ride; they decided to turn Rick's '96 Fat Boy into a rolling memorial for his son. A few weeks later while Rick was out of town, Steve and Kent bike-napped the Fat Boy and rolled it over to Steve's garage, where they had a new set of freshly painted tins from Kenny Dean of Razor Graphics in Stafford, VA, ready to bolt onto the bike.

A few weeks later the bike was presented to Rick and all he could say was "Ah, man" over and over again. Rick now refers to the bike as Josh's bike, and it gives him an opportunity to tell countless people about his son.