Hot Bike Tour Builder Danny Wilson And The M8FXRP

I’m guessing the MotorWitch’s patronus is a hog

Danny “MotorWitch” Wilson with the M8FXRP.

Horsepower sorcerer supreme Danny “MotorWitch” Wilson and the M8FXRP. I’m pretty sure you can figure out which is witch.

Jeff Allen

The M8FXRP has got to be one of the coolest project bikes Hot Bike has ever done. It started as most other great ideas do, with a simple question: What if you took the best performance chassis Harley-Davidson ever made and gave it high-output modern performance? And, of course, the simple question was the easiest part of the project. Just ask Danny Wilson. “The idea behind the bike was to make an FXRP that has all the modern 2018 powertrain parts and electronics,” he says. “The inspiration was that no one has ever done it before.”

Screamin' Eagle air cleaner and Dual Beringer brakes with floating rotors.

Left: He could have used forced induction to put up the numbers we got out of the engine, but where’s the fun in something that simple? Upping displacement and getting all that extra grunt through a Screamin’ Eagle air cleaner is more impressive.

Right: Dual Beringer brakes with floating rotors rein in the ponies as needed.

Jeff Allen

This best-of-both-worlds was the brainchild of Wilson and Hot Bike’s own Jeff G. Holt. It also served as Wilson’s entry for the 2018 Hot Bike Tour. Jeff hunted all over the place for a suitable retired FXR and found the perfect victim at the Fairfax, Virginia, police department in the form of a retired ’93 cop bike. Harley-Davidson kicked in a Milwaukee-Eight engine and transmission. With that, the project was a full go.

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Wilson's mark on the engine and drivetrain and Motodemic headlight.

Left: Wilson made his marks on the engine and drivetrain, both inside and out. Right: It may look police issue, but that Motodemic headlight didn’t come with the original bike.

Jeff Allen

That powerplant wasn’t allowed to stay stock. You don’t partner up with a guy named MotorWitch if you plan on leaving your engine as-is factory fresh. No, you work some sorcery on that thing and transmogrify it into something evil, like, say, a 151-inch pavement-eating demon. In fact, what Wilson loved most about the bike is that it handles like an FXR but has the power of a 151-inch M-8 and all the modern electronics.

The M8FXRP with club bar and a 2-into-1 exhaust.

Keeping the police bike look of the M8FXRP worked out well because the general idea was that it should look like it had rolled out of the factory this way as a best-of-both-worlds bike…

Jeff Allen

Fitting all that power into a FXR frame made to hold an Evo took some doing though. FXR Division’s Chris Eder and Justin Coleman tackled that engineering challenge, making the needed changes to the frame for holding a motor that came out 25 years after the chassis did. The rest of the bike came together without any outside interference by the biker gremlins that often infect a project. We’ve covered the build both in print and digitally, including the techy how-to stuff of how M8FXRP came to be. You’ll find all the stories on it here.

The M8FXRP with club bar and a 2-into-1 exhaust.

…albeit with a club bar and a 2-into-1 exhaust.

Jeff Allen

Spec Sheet
Owner Jeff Holt
Shop Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson
Shop Phone (602) 971-3400
Year/Make/Model 1994/Harley-Davidson/FXRP
Fabrication FXR Division/MotorWitch
Build Time 11 months
Year/Type/Size 2018/Milwaukee-8/Leading Edge V-Twin 151ci
Builder MotorWitch
Cases Modified H-D
Cylinders Modified H-D
Heads Leading Edge V-Twin
Rocker Boxes Stock
Cams Leading Edge V-Twin
Throttle Body HPi
Exhaust Fab 28
Air Cleaner Screamin’ Eagle
Year/Type 2018/H-D 6-speed
Gears Stock, Cryo treated
Clutch Rekluse TorqDrive
Primary Drive Stock
Year/Type 1994/FXRP
Rake/Stretch Stock
Front End Race Tech G6
Length 2 in. over stock
Triple Trees Speed Merchant
Swingarm Brocks
Shocks Race Tech
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Jad Affiliated/19-in.
Tire/Size Continental 100/90-19
Calipers Beringer Aerotec
Rotors Beringer
Builder/Size Jad Affiliated/16-in.
Tire/Size Continental 150/80-16
Caliper Beringer Aerotec
Rotor Beringer
Pulley Jad Affiliated
Colors Black and White
Paint/Graphics Schultz Designs
Plating/Polishing N/A
Powdercoating All Valley
Front Fender H-D
Rear Fender H-D
Gas Tank H-D modified for fuel injection
Dash Stock FXRP
Gauges 2018 H-D for Road King
Handlebars Lucky Daves in Hard Case Performance risers w/ gauge mount
Grips H-D
Mirrors H-D
Hand Controls H-D
Foot Controls Hand made for this application
Floorboards Hand made for this application
Headlight Motodemic
Taillight Rogue Rider
Turn Signals Rogue Rider
License Mount Drag Specialties
Seat Saddlemen
Stereo N/A
Amplifier N/A
Speakers N/A
Ribbed Saddlemen seat and blue and red calipers.

Left: The Saddlemen seat is ribbed for your pleasure. Right: Going with a blue caliper on one side and red on the other was a pretty cool detail.

Jeff Allen