Hot Bike Tour Builder Bio: Bryan Schimke of TPJ Customs

Get to know Bryan Schimke

The Hot Bike Tour features some of the best builders from around the country who showcase their passion and creativity in the motorcycles they build. In order to help you wrap your mind around what awesome bikes you can expect from the builders on the tour we asked them a few questions about themselves, their bike, and the Tour. Take a look at what Bryan Schimke from TPJ Customs has to say.

Bryan Schimke of TPJ Customs.

Bryan Schimke of TPJ Customs.

Photo Courtesy of TPJ Customs

1. Why'd you aggree to be a builder for the Tour?
It's the best show of the year. Good friends, new roads, and great rides.

2. Describe your Tour bike in one word.

3. How would you describe your building style?
I build for abuse. I live to ride and I think a bike should be able to handle abuse and keep rollin'.

4. What do you like most about the Tour?
I enjoy the new places I've never ridden. My favorite thing to do is tour the country on a bike with my homies. Check. Check. Check.

5. How did you get started building motorcycles?
I rode motocross and broke my back, then tore my rotator cuff within months so I was laid up, so custom bikes started and never stopped.

6. With the South being the birthplace of barbecue, which do you prefer: ribs, brisket, or pulled pork?
Brisket, no doubt.