Hot Bike Tour Builder: Barnstorm Customs' Steven Berthiaume

We can't wait to see what Barnstorm Customs has planned for the 2017 Hot Bike Tour

Hot Bike Tour 2017

Steven Berthiaume looks like he means business. You best believe he's bringing his A-game to the Hot Bike Tour.

Courtesy of Barnstorm Customs

Name: Steven Berthiaume
Shop: Barnstorm Cycles
Location: Spencer Massachusetts
Facebook: Barnstorm Cycles
Instagram: @BarnstormCycles as well as @Steve_Barnstormcycles


Describe yourself in three words? .
Meticulous, Simple, and Passionate

What are you currently building?
For the tour, a performance based Harley Davidson Road Glide. I'm also in the middle of building an XS650 that I hard-tailed and am putting a fuel injected Yamaha450F motor in.

What was your first bike?
1993 Honda XR 100

What is your all-time favorite bike?
There are too many that I love but if I can only pick one it's going to be a Road Glide.

Why did you choose to work in the motorcycle industry? .
I have always had a passion for anything with a motor and especially motorcycles. I had the opportunity to work for a local dealership almost right out of high school. I worked there from 2002 until 2016 when I joined the Barnstorm Cycles team. Jake Cutler approached me about working for him and it has been a great experience. I'm now doing things I would never be able to do in a dealership. I don't think I ever questioned why I'm in the industry.

Hot Bike Tour 2017

Is this Harley-Davidson Road Glide Steven's Hot Bike Tour project? Join us in September and find out.

Courtesy of Barnstorm Customs

What do you think the future of the motorcycle industry is? At this point who knows? There are so many creative and talented builders out there who are building some amazing machines. I feel there really is no limit to what can be done.

What is your greatest life achievement so far? Other than marrying my wife Lauren and having my son Travis I would have to say being an invited builder for Hot Bike Tour 2017. I wouldn't have ever expected to be building a bike to compete against builders and people I have looked up to during my career in the industry.

What has been your biggest regret to date? I don't have many regrets in life.

What inspires you? Seeing a nice clean build.

Who are your three all-time favorite bike builders? Like I mentioned before, there is so much talent out there it's difficult to narrow it down to just three people. I love what Scott Jones from Noise Cycles is doing, along with Matt Walksler from Period Modified, and Jake Cutler from Barnstorm Cycles.

Any last words? Thank you for the invite and I look forward to seeing everyone in September.