Hot Bike Tested: Saddlemen Seat and Todd's Cycle Grips

Used and abused by the Hot Bike Staff


Renegade Solo Seat and Pillion Pad

Back in 2009 we installed this seat on our beloved 1995 Road King, and it has had at the very least 20,000 miles of booty duty on it since. The seat is low and simple, which I love, and its UV-resistant premium-grade vinyl cover hasn’t hardened or gotten any sort of rips or tears even from the bundle of keys I always have hanging from my belt loop. The gel insert is still comfortable and shows no signs of migration, which can be a problem with other seats after just a few months of saddle time. The pillion pad is also still hanging tough, and the ol’ lady says it’s just as comfy (as a little padded p-pad can be) as the day she first rode on it. After using this seat setup for half a decade now, I can say it truly is a great value for the money.

$279 Seat, $149 Pillion Pad (as tested) //

Todd’s Cycle

Vice Grips With Rubber Insert

Some custom grips look good and some feel good, but it’s a real feat to make them do both. And Todd’s Cycle did just that—not to mention it invented this style of aluminum grip with motocross rubber inserts, which everybody and their brother have been whittling up ever since. I put these grips on this daily rider and have been thrashing them for well over two years. They still look good, and the rubber is still as soft as the day there were put on. The pair is just barely starting to show signs of wear, which is pretty damn amazing. These grips might not be the cheapest of their kind, but they are the best.

$150 (as tested) //