Hot Bike Gear Review: 5-Ball Special Ops Jacket and AGV RP60 Helmet

5-Ball Racing

Special Ops Club Jacket

This jacket is pretty damn cool. Not only does it have 12 pockets for just about everything you need all wrapped into a sleek-looking garment straight from buffalo hide, but it converts into a vest by zipping off the sleeves. Other standout features of this killer convertible jacket are heavy-duty zippers, double-needle seam construction, leather neck trim (no collar, thank you), and two inner conceal-carry pockets for those “safety first” moments. I have been riding in this jacket for quite some time and have really liked the fact I can take the sleeves off when the weather heats up or when I just want to invite ladies to check out the “gun show.” The design of the jacket is really well thought out and very generous for my 215-pound 5-foot-10 frame. And I also really enjoyed the soft-as-a-baby’s-butt plaid liner as well. Just call me Mr. Sensitive, I guess.

$240 //


RP60 Helmet

AGV is an Italian company known for making some of the best helmets for superbike riders and MotoGP racers. That in turn guarantees that the RP60 is going to be a high-quality helmet. Despite the checkerboard theme on this particular brain bucket (don’t worry, they come in all-black and several flaked colors), it fit well and was very comfortable. The crown and check pads are removable as well as fully washable, so this skid lid can remain as stink-free as the first day it was worn. And speaking of it being worn, I have to say that it did sit a bit higher on the head than many other three-quarter helmets on the market but not so much as it would make you look like a bobblehead doll riding down the highway. If you are in the market for a nice open-face helmet, I would for sure check out these offerings from AGV.

$139.99 //