Hometown Harleys

Hometown Harleys

Readers’ Ride Pick of the Month

One Mean Green Machine

My bike is a 1998 Fatboy that I bought in 2008. I started making it all my own with every paycheck and I haven’t stopped since then! I added a 3-inch open beltdrive, drag bars, stretched tank, front fender, smoothed out rear fender, FL-style headlight housing, polished rear wheel, 21x3.5 80-spoke front wheel, air ride, and lowered the frontend. The paint was done by TS customs and is a custom mixed candy green. The bike is far from being done and the next thing on my list is Bad Dad bags and fender and a 120-inch motor. I am not sure which mod to do yet. I guess it depends on what will not get me kicked out of the house.

Norman Kitchenakow

Milwaukee, WI

Cheaper to Keep Her

Back in 2007 I asked my wife, Linda, if I could buy a bike. Her response was, “You can buy any bike you want, as long as it’s a Harley.” You got to love a woman with an attitude like that. So I bought this Vivid Black 2007 Softail Night Train. Linda named the bike Harlot, because I keep throwing money at her and she lets me ride her—the bike, that is. I’m not a big fan of chrome and I love taking this bike to local bike shows and parking it next to all the chromed-out bikes. I recently replaced the stock engine with a 120r from Harley and had it powdercoated gloss black to match the paint. All the lighting is LED including the blue speedo from Dakota Digital. Pipes are V&H Staggered Short Shots. Air filter, throttle body, injectors and tuner are all H-D Screaming Eagle. There are too many parts to mention them all, and why should I keep reminding the little missus how much I spent.

Chris Staffeld

Appleton, WI

Bagger on a Budget

My bike is 1998 Heritage that I picked up for $6,000. I added the pipes, front wheel, bags and a bunch of other small stuff. It runs great and I think it turned out hot!

Scott Holder

West Jefferson, OH