The Hit List: 6 Sweet Panhead Customs

A Harley Pan Gallery

custom panhead

Two-Wheeled Therapy - A custom 1953 Harley-Davidson FLH Panhead

A V-twin for some twins helps fight cancer

By John Zamora Model: Dania Estrada

Harley-Davidson's Panhead is practically a cultural icon, though I wonder how many people outside of motorcycling know that. When people think `50s and Harley, you're either talking about a Pan, a Sportster, or maybe a K-model. With its smooth rocker covers up top, the Panhead motor is (arguably) the most beautiful mill to ever come out of the Motor Company. Here are six Panheads we've run in the pages of Hot Bike for your enjoyment.

Harley panhead chopper

Pan Nut - A Custom 1956 Harley-Davidson Panhead

You never forget your first

By John Zamora Photos: Bob Feather

Think back for a second to the day you left the stage of being a youngster and became a full-fledged adult. Remember how you thought you knew everything, the world was yours for the taking, and you were finally able to own your first (or favorite) motorcycle. Somewhere along the way as we grow up, our incomes increase, our responsibilities increase, and we tend to forget those moments of absolute joy that came from riding anywhere for any reason. See the full story here.

Harley panhead chopper

Q's Panhead

With a little help from his friends

Photo: Hot Bike Staff

Q just finished up building his 1962 FL, and when he did I was really stoked on how it turned out and really wanted to shoot it. So I headed up to Philly, we made it happen, and it was an awesome weekend, to say the least, of shooting and hanging out with all the FOTS (Freak Out The Squares) guys. See how it turned out for yourself.

gooseneck panhead chopper

Garage Company Panhead: Deep Purple

Some Things Just Get Better With Age

Words and Photography: Mark Masker

Builders have created a lot of bikes using modern parts with classic style. While this makes for some truly beautiful bikes, there's a lot to be said for using the original article. Replica parts and modern motors lack the history that permeates the original article. Take this bike, for example. Dubbed "M" by its creator, Yoshi Kosaka, it's essentially a modern gooseneck frame with new sheetmetal but covered with old parts. Yoshi's quite familiar with old bikes. His shop, the Garage Company, is like a graveyard where old motorcycles come to and are reborn as custom bikes. Get the rest of the story.

Harley panhead chopper

Classic Harley: Van Panhead

Chris Huber’s childhood dreams come true

Words and Photos: John Zamora

The late ’50s and early ’60s were some of the greatest times in American engineering. It seems like anything built around that time was built to excess, and the attention to detail has never been recreated. The cars were real American cars and draped with chrome. Fins and major body and styling changes were done every single year. The bikes were real-deal American bikes and had just the right amount of stuff put on that was quickly taken off during the era of choppers in the ’70s. Now that stuff is worth its weight in gold if you can find it. Despite not growing up in that era of American history, bike owner Chris Huber to this day has that same passion and love for the way things were done back then.

panhead drag bike

Harley Panhead: Drag Time

The Virginian: Reality come to life

Words: Rob Fortier Photos: Ron Crable

One month or one week, tight deadlines produce the one thing that lines producers’ pockets with money: drama. But in this case, the 10-day crunch imposed upon Lee Clemons et al. at Departure Bike Works in Richmond, Virginia, produced more than ratings fodder; it resulted in quite a badass tribute dragbike: The Virginian.

panhead custom

Two-Wheeled Therapy - A custom 1953 Harley-Davidson FLH Panhead

A V-twin for some twins helps fight cancer.

By John Zamora Model: Dania Estrada

Rene Astengo, owner of Dago’s Speed Shop, was called upon by Parker to help lift his brother’s spirits. We sat down with Rene to find out how this custom Pan began.