In mid-December Victory Motorcycles invited me along with some other members of the motorcycling press to attend the launch of its newest model, the Hi-Ball, during the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show (IMS). I was told to meet in front of the Long Beach Convention Center at 5 p.m. sharp; otherwise I’d miss the shuttle that would take me to Victory’s venue choice for the reveal, a local hot-rod shop. After arriving, we stepped inside and surrounding the sheet-covered motorcycle were some unbelievably pristine hot-rods, beautifully restored classic automobiles, and very rare old-time machinery. Obviously I was left with the impression that under the sheet, we weren’t going to be looking at another Vision.

After a couple of beers and some catching up with fellow scribes and Victory brass, the sheet was lifted. To me, Victory is a progressive brand that makes top-notch components with modern ingenuity and styling. But with the Hi-Ball, the company went with an old-school, hot-rod aesthetic while still utilizing its tried-and-true top-notch components.

The Hi-Ball appeared to be an aggressive cruiser with a brawler-type stance: dual 16x3.5-inch wheels wrapped in beefy Dunlop whitewall tread, a black-and-white two-tone paint scheme, and ape hangers; all sold as standard equipment. It’s a cool, stylish motorcycle that’s outfitted with a powerful 106ci Freedom V-twin engine with 97 hp, 113 lb-ft of torque, and a six-speed trans for a starting retail price of only $13,499, which is a great value in my opinion. The handlebars are adjustable to either sit high in the upright apehanger position, or tilted back to better-fit riders’ varying ergonomics needs. The controls can also be easily adjusted with basic tools to fit either bar position. If you’re a customizer, there is a laundry list of goodies also available that you’ll be able to view on polarisindustries.com.