Helmets On Fire!

Super cool carbon fiber flames for your helmet, bike or dog from Stockdale Technology.

Okay, so it's your basic, black brain bucket. It gets the job done, but it looks just like every other helmet out there. Well, all that's going to change.

Here's the Carbon Tech carbon fiber flame kit from Stockdale Technology. This is really going to spruce up the look of that plain-Jane helmet.

The first step is to clean all the dirt, debris and oils off the finish so the adhesive will stick. We decided to use Mother's Glass Cleaner, but you can use an alcohol wipe if you choose.

Make sure you wipe off the excess cleaner. You want a clean, dry surface to start with.

The only difficult part of this procedure is figuring out how you want the flames laid out. Once you've got that dialed in, peel the flame segments off the paper, and apply them to the helmet.

With several pieces of the silver carbon fiber applied, it's really looking good. You can go subtle or hog wild ... the choice is yours.

You say you want to change the position of the flames or change them out for a different color? No worries. All you need do is use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive and peel them off. PRetty doggone simple.

And here's the finished product! Really changes the look of that helmet, huh? It's an easy and simple way to add your personality to your helmet.

There's no doubt about it, we love to have options. Even if we never use them, it's cool to be able to alter the look or feel of something depending on our mood. Take your helmet, for example. Sure you can go and spend a bazillion bucks on a cool paint job, but what if you get tired of the color or design?

Worse yet, what if you get a bitchin' carbon fiber helmet in a color that doesn't quite work with your bike's paint job? Sure, you could go buy a new helmet, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to change the look of your skull bucket in a matter of minutes?

Well now you can. The folks at Stockdale Technology have come up with some really cool domed carbon fiber stick on flame kits. Now these aren't those cheesy "carbon-look" things you see at the swap meet, this is real, hard-core .032-.050 thick domed carbon fiber backed with a 3M outdoor adhesive that you can mount on just about anything.

Not only that, the Carbon Tech flame kits come with a UV inhibitor a well as a 6 year guarantee against fading and yellowing. Pretty sweet, huh? When was the last time you saw an accessory company do something like that?

The cool thing about these hot flames is they are easy to put on and easy to remove. That way, you can your look as often as you change your mind. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can really personalize your helmet or bike, truck ... whatever! The possibilities are endless. Let's see just how easy it is to add some custom carbon fiber flames to a plain, black motorcycle helmet.