HB Handlebar Buyer's Guide

Big Bear Choppers Screamin' Demon Bar Contact for Price

  • Designed for BBC bikes, but also fit other applications when used with BBC OEM bar sets

  • 32 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches in diameter

  • Bars are shipped in raw metal

For more information, contact Big Bear Choppers at (909) 878-4340, or visit

Burly Bagger Bar Contact for Price

  • 13 inches tall, 1 1/4 inches in diameter

  • Dimpled and drilled for internal wiring

  • Fits '08 Touring models with fly-by-wire throttle system

**For more information, contact Burly Brand at
(888)367-1871, or visit **

Custom Cycle Control Systems Bar Starting at $2,395

  • Hidden fluid reservoirs with internal hoses, cables and wires

  • Maintain complete stock functions

  • Many styles available

For more information, contact Custom Cycle Control
Systems at (866) 438-2129, or visit

Mammoth Choppers/Drucci Steel Jersey Straight Shot Handlebar $199.95

  • Riser bolts incorporated into the bar

  • Bars shown feature a 4-inch rise, and 34-inch width with no pull back

  • Flat wrinkle black finish

For more information, contact Mammoth
Choppers at (360) 734-2534, or visit

Cyclesmiths Bagger Bar Starting at $189.95

  • Available in 13 and 16-inch rise measuring 37 inches wide with 8 1/2-inches of pullback

  • Fits fly-by-wire throttle system and pre fly-by-wire throttle system

  • Available in either black or chrome

For more information, contact Cyclesmiths at
(909) 987-3890, or visit


Exile Cycles Fatbar
Starting at $199

  • 1 1/4 inches in diameter available in four different styles

  • Choose weld-on traditional risers, and internal throttle, twist clutch, weld-on perches with aluminum levers, and traditional clamp-on clutch and brake controls

  • Available in polish, scotch-brite, or powdercoat finishes in a variety of colors

For more information, contact Exile Cycles at
(818) 255-3330, or visit

J&P; Cycles
Keystone Handelbar $89.99

  • Made by Biltwell

  • Available in chrome or black

  • Also available in other similar styles: Frisco, Clubman, and Ace (Ace designed by Wes White at Four Aces Cycle)

**For more information, contact J&P; Cycles at
(800) 397-4844, or visit **

Tempest Cycles Bar w/o gauge
mount $185.40, w/gauge mount

  • 1-inch in diameter

  • Available with or without gauge mount

  • Bar is 31 inches wide and mounts at a 130-degree angle

For more information, contact Tempest
Cycles at (321) 724-0601, or visit

Hells Foundry Handlebar
Starting at $199.95

  • 1 1/4 inches in diameter

  • Fits '98-09 Road Glide models

  • Fits H-D fly-by-wire throttle system and ABS systems

  • Available in chrome or black powdercoat

For more information, contact (866) 999-HELL, or

Wild One Chubby Bar
Starting at $219.95

  • 1 1/4-inch bar available from 8 1/2 inches to 20 inches tall

  • Diamond knurled, pre-drilled for internal wiring

  • Chrome plated electronic and fit fly-by-wire throttle system

For more information, contact Wild One at
(714) 536-5869, or visit

LA Choppers Hefty Bar
Starting at $134.95

  • Hefty bar available in three styles: Beach bar, Knuckle bar, and 16-inch Ape

  • Feature a 1 1/4-inch diameter center mounting section for durability

  • 1 1/4-inch risers with top clamp are available to fit this bar

For more information, visit LA Choppers at

Licks Cycles Super Narrow Glide
Ape Hangers $84.99

  • 1-inch in diameter

  • Dimpled for late model H-D applications

  • Available in powdercoat or chrome

**For more information, contact Licks Cycles at
(413) 663-9050, or visit **

Carlini Bag Drag Handlebar $325

  • Brand new 1 1/2-inch diameter bar with 6-inch rise

  • 34 inches wide from tip to tip, 8-inch center width, and 13 inches of pull back

  • Available in chrome or black powdercoat

For more information, contact Carlini Design at
(714) 432-9000, or visit

Nash Motorcycle Company
Smart Gimps Starting at $157

  • New ape hanger features rounded corners

  • Available from 10 to 20 inches tall

  • 5 inches of pull back with an 11-inch base

**For more information, contact Nash Motorcycle
Company at (360) 693-4225, or visit **

Paul Yaffe Originals Bobber
Monkey Bar $199

  • Measures 9 inches tall, 11 1/2 inches wide at the base, and 32 inches wide from tip to tip

  • Bar is intended for custom applications

  • Shipped in primer for your own color options

For more information, contact Paul Yaffe Originals at
(602) 840-4205, or visit

Harley-Davidson Cross Bones
Narrow Beach Bar $69.95

  • 1-inch in diameter bar finished in gloss black

  • Measure 30.7 inches wide from tip to tip, with a base width of 18 3/4 inches, and 8 inches of pull back

  • Fits '08-later Cross Bones and '05-07 Softail Springer models

For more information, contact Harley-Davidson at
(800) 443-2153, or visit

Trask Bro Bar
Starting at $350

  • Measure 1-inch in diameter at the grips and the crossover, visible area is 1 1/ 4 inches in diameter

  • Crossover is knurled for secure fit

  • Pre-drilled for internal wiring and available 12, 14, or 16 inches tall

For more information, contact Trask Performance at
(866) 998-7275, or visit

West Eagle
Narrow Sky High Bar $169.95

  • Choose 7/8-inch diameter or 1-inch diameter apes

  • Available with or without indents

  • Measure 29 7/8 inches wide and 15 3/4 inches tall

For more information, contact West-Eagle at
(310) 787-8577, or visit