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H-D's oil kit for the DIY

harley davidson oil change kit

Harley oil change: the home game.

Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Changing your motorcycle's oil yourself can be a money saver in the long run. It's a pretty basic process most people can do at home if they're willing to take a little time to learn it. If you are the DIY type who changes their own oil, then this four-piece kit was made for you. The H-D Oil Change Accessory Kit was designed for both the home and shop user to get the job right, and it has everything you need to do a quick and clean oil or fluid change on that righteous ride of yours.

This assembly of sludge eradicators includes a low-profile oil drain pan that fits under the lowest of bikes, an oil absorbent workstation mat, an end-cap oil filter wrench that works on a socket extension, and a specially designed funnel. We have found this kit to be the one of the best ways to change engine oil and tranny/primary fluid time after time on a myriad of year and model bikes.

$59.99 harley-davidson.com

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