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Anaheim-Fullerton H-D Combo Event

Featuring Traveling Museum Creates Holiday Cheer
On the weekend of December 15, 2007, when many folks rushed to stores for holiday shopping, thousands of riders rushed to Anaheim-Fullerton Harley-Davidson to partake in the dealership's once-in-a-lifetime combo event featuring a particular legend on 18 wheels. That's right, every year the Harley-Davidson Traveling Museum rolls across the country and stops with its historic cargo at select dealerships, with one of them last year being the Fullerton, California-based dealer. As mentioned, the event offered motorcycle enthusiasts multiple attractions aside from the Traveling Museum.

SoCal riders were lured in by a number of discounts and freebies. On Saturday and Sunday, the dealership welcomed enthusiasts with free admission into the Traveling Museum, including free 2008 H-D demo rides, free BBQ lunches, holiday snacks and refreshments, and gift-wrapping for purchases made while listening to a free band.

Over the two days amidst the holiday mayhem, Anaheim-Fullerton Harley had more than 2,500 visitors to the Traveling Museum and over 200 test rides on the H-D 2008 fleet. The dealer's special evening sale brought in some holiday cheer with great profits, and most importantly, people were enjoying themselves with all the offerings from the event. Folks got a kick out of the historic cargo on the Traveling Museum, which is packed to the axles with memorabilia, classic H-D motorcycles, and the rich history of the Harley rider and the evolution of the Harley-Davidson legend. This walkthrough time is a must for any motorcyclist. For more information, visit www.harley-davidson.com. A big thanks goes out to Anaheim-Fullerton Harley-Davidson () and the H-D Traveling Museum.

Spending A Weekend With MSF
Words: John Mata JR.
Photos: Grant Peterson
Members from our Motorcycle Group recently spent some time as students in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse. MSF can turn anybody with big dreams of learning to ride and little or no riding experience into a willing and able novice. The MSF course divides the experience into two learning environments: An interactive classroom setting and a vigorous, hands-on riding skills course-students spend approximately eight hours in a chair and another ten hours on an actual motorcycle over the two day period. Learning which lane position to use while in traffic and methods of effectively swerving, turning, shifting, and braking are all topics that are taught and practiced during the class. Those with a newly acquired permit may have the privilege of exchanging their MSF completion certificate for a license from the DMV-learn while earning your M1 endorsement!

New riders are not the only parties that stand to benefit from MSF's Basic Course. A member of our group who has been riding for 25 years came away from the course with expanded riding knowledge and the ability to receive a discounted rate on his auto insurance. Yes, all students who earn the MSF completion certificate also qualify as across-the-board safe drivers, so make sure to consult your insurance provider for actual policy information.

Making the decision to enroll in the MSF course will reap win/win benefits. Not only did our rookie and veteran staff riders learn the value of safe riding, they were able to speed up the licensing process and can now save a few dollars on insuring their bikes.

For MSF class availability in your area call (800) 446-9227, or visit .

Pro-One Custom Motorcycles For 2008
We just got a phone call to let us know that Pro-One recently released a full line of new custom motorcycles for 2008. Pro-One has always offered a full line up of compliant-built, ready to ride motorcycles; however, most people know of Pro-One as a parts company. So now you know all their bike are compliant and ready to ride with sales in the US, Canada, and Australia. Pro-One Customs have always been known for their quality components and exceptional ride characteristics.

Thes '08 models are based on the renowned PRO QUAD and Softail-style frames. Frames have been redesigned for '08 as well as all the tanks and fenders. All bikes come with 121ci TP engines manufactured to meet Pro-One strict specifications. Also standard are Baker RSD six-speed transmissions and Primo Belt Drives.

You get to choose from a wide selection of the latest Pro-One billet wheels, standard or inverted Pro-One forks, and paint schemes. Everything from the disc brakes to the bars, mirrors, covers, controls, lights, side mount license plate bracket, gauges, pulleys, etc. are Pro-One Components.

For details call (800) 884-4173, or visit them on the Web at