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Record Fundraising, Demo Ride, And Visitor Numbers

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Harley-Davidosn Steals The Show At Daytona Bike Week 2007

Harley-Davidson Motor Company surpassed records and marked a few firsts at Daytona Bike Week 2007, held in Daytona Beach, FL, from March 3-10, 2007.

The Harley-Davidson Indoor Show at the Ocean Center saw a record 48,000 visitors, and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) representatives handed out more than 14,000 pins to H.O.G. members. Harley-Davidson and Buell gave a combined 9,878 total demo rides over the eight-day period, a 25-percent increase over the total demo rides at Daytona 2006. Also, Daytona Bike Week 2007 marked the first event for the redesigned Harley-Davidson Traveling Museum.

Harley-Davidson enthusiasts also raised more than $150,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) during Bike Week 2007. H-D-sponsored activities for MDA included the "Bankers Auction," the Willie G. Davidson pledge ride to Daytona, the Harley-Davidson Ride-In Show, and the MDA public auction, as well as selling pins and raffle tickets for a customized '07 Fat Boy.

On Wednesday, March 7, custom Harleys filled the streets outside the Ocean Center for the annual Ride-In Show. Owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles from around the world entered this contest to prove their bike is the best in its class. When the winners were asked what they would buy with their $500 cash prize, most of them said, "More chrome!"

If you missed any of the excitement, log onto www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/Events/Daytona.jsp for photos, info, and an entertaining Daytona Daily section that features Jessica Craker taking her mic to the streets and covering bikes, people, parts, and the racing action at the Speedway.

'06 Museum Bike Winner

Last year's Retro Panhead, built by J&P; Cycles for the National Motorcycle Museum (and featured in HOT BIKE, Vol. 38, No. 7, 2006), was won by Mike Seneski of Palmdale, CA. Pictured here is Mike as the bike was delivered to his house. Mike bought the ticket via mail order on November 29, 2006, for the December drawing. He mailed in a postcard purchasing the six tickets for $25.

Check out this year's knucklehead bike on p. 72, and enter to win. Even if you don't win the bike, the Museum benefits from every entry.

Buell to Build Off-Road Competition Motorcycles Within Two Years

Buell Motorcycle Company recently announced its intent to bring an off-road motorcycle to market that's specifically designed for closed-course competition.

"We've told our dealers about our plans to bring an off-road, closed-course competition motorcycle to market within the next two years," said Chairman and Chief Technical Officer Erik Buell. "This will allow Buell dealers the time needed to make plans to meet the needs of this new market and customer."

"Harley-Davidson and Buell are highly committed to broadening the range of products we offer and reaching out to new groups of customers," said Buell President and Chief Operating Officer Jon Flickinger. "We're always looking at new market opportunities, but this one is particularly exciting."

No details about the new Buell motorcycle have been released.

Passing of Mack McNally

Mack McNally, former research and development manager of Zipper's Performance Products, passed away on March 1, 2007, from pancreatic cancer. He was 58 years old. Mack's career in the motorcycle industry was multi-faceted. In the '90s he owned and operated a successful Pro Stock team that competed in events throughout the country.

Mack's love of competition fueled his desire for product development. In the mid-'90s, he joined his racing friends at Zipper's to help develop an aftermarket fuel-injection system. This system is now known as the successful ThunderMax. Mack played a key role in development with the team at Thunder-Heart Performance, where he worked since 2005 after retiring from Zipper's.

Mack was well known and loved by many in the motorcycle industry. He will be sorely missed. He is survived by his wife, Cathy Hinkle McNally; his mother, Florence K. McNally; and brothers-in-law Gene and Bob Hinkle.

S&S; 49-State EPA-Certified Engines

With all the concerns over EPA rules and regulations, S&S; followed the EPA's Letter of Guidance and built three engines that are EPA-compliant. The engines are available in 96ci, 113ci, and 124ci S&S; V-Series styles. What this means is very simple: Buy an S&S; 49-state EPA-compliant engine, adhere to the regulations regarding exhaust backpressure and gear ratios, and you can go through emissions registration with no problems. And the best part is that you can build up to 2,999 bikes that are emissions-compliant without having to achieve your own certification for your bikes.

The 96ci engine is an S&S; V-Series with a 3-5/8-inch bore, while the 113ci comes with a 4.00-inch bore, and the 124ci engine has a 4-1/8-inch bore. All three provide plenty of power-even in EPA-legal tune-and will be the perfect basis for your next bike. No emissions worries, no registration stress-just a cool bike being built in your garage or shop.

Check in with your local S&S; dealer for more information or to place an order for your new 49-state EPA-compliant engine. For more information, go to www.sscycle.com.