Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic

You'd never know this bike is related to the chromed-out, full-fendered Heritage Softail Classic, one of The Motor Company's most-recognized models. The Harley Softail Heritage Classic differs from its Softail stablemates in several ways, the most obvious being its complement of touring amenities in the form of comfy ergonomics, onboard storage, and wind protection. Light-duty touring riders will dig the locking leather-covered saddlebags, and the windshield literally pops off in seconds, so your Harley Softail Heritage tourer can morph into a sleek around-town rig in no time.

Sure it's dripping with nostalgia, but the Harley Softail Heritage has a bit of a scowl, too; in fact Milwaukee designers code-named this bike "Young Elvis" in development due to the fact that it wears edgy blacked-out finishes more reminiscent of the King's early years, before he got old and fat and shiny. But the theme here is still retro (it is called the Softail Heritage, after all), even if it eschews the 50's chrome-drenched nostalgia of its predecessor. You get FL-style fenders, chunky wide-set forks, laced wheels, a barn-door windshield and gallons of black paint.

The Harley Softail Heritage also benefits from better handling characteristics thanks largely to the Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) fork that Softails received in 2018. The solo coil-over shock mounted under the seat replaces the two under-engine dampers used on previous Softails, so shock action is conventional (rather than being extended on the old push/pull design). This combo gives the Harley Softail Heritage Classic increased wheel travel, more controlled damping and a good range of spring preload adjustment, but without sacrificing that oh-so-cool hardtail appearance.

Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic Specs & Pricing

With standard saddlebags, windshield and floorboards, the Harley Softail Heritage has all the hallmarks of a vintage touring rig, even though it's on the Softail chassis. The dark finishes add a bit of modern style to the machine, which is available with either the 107 or 114 cu. in. Milwaukee-Eight powerplant.

Engine: Milwaukee-Eight V-twin
Displacement: 107/144ci /1,746cc / 1868cc
Transmission: 6-speed Cruise Drive
Compression ratio: 10.0:1 / 10.5:1
Valve train: Single-overhead cam; 4 valves/cylinder
Cooling: Air-/oil-cooling
Overall length: 95.1 in.
Seat height: 26.8 in.
Ground clearance: 4.7 in.
Wheelbase: 64.2 in.
Front suspension: Nonadjustable Showa Dual Bending Valve fork
Rear suspension: Spring-preload-adjustable mono shock
Wheel size, front: 16 in.
Wheel size, rear: 16 in.
Front brakes: Disc w/ fixed 4-piston caliper
Rear brake: Disc w/ floating 2-piston caliper
Fuel capacity: 5.0 gal.
Running weight: 723 lb. / 728 lb.
GVWR: 1,160 lb.

The price of the 2019 Harley Softail Heritage Classic starts at $19,049 in Vivid Black; color options increase cost to $19,449, and the two-tone colors will run you $19,799. The good news is that ABS, cruise control and the H-D Factory Security System come standard on the Heritage Classic.

Harley Softail Heritage Classic Parts & Accessories

The Heritage Classic comes with subtle vintage touches, and because it's a Softail, has Harley-Davidson’s powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine, which is solidly mounted to the chassis and utilizes dual counterbalancers to snuff out primary vibration (unlike the eight-valve twin featured in the current touring models).

Should be no surprise, of course, that there's tons of ways to modify your Softail Heritage too. Harley Softail Heritage parts and accessories can be easily scored from Harley-Davidson or from a large group of aftermarket suppliers. The most popular Softail Heritage areas targeted for modification include the bike's intake system, and of course you’re going to want to beef up the Softail Heritage's rumble on the other end, and you'll find no shortage of options for that either.