Harley-Davidson Skull Collection LED Fuel Gauge And Other Motorcycle Products - Buyer's Guide

Harley-Davidson Skull CollectionLED Fuel Gauge $149.95
-Replaces the analog instrument with six bright LED lamps
-Lamps glow blue when the tank is full, and extinguish one by one as fuel is consumed. The final light glows red at low fuel level, and flashes red as the tank nears empty
-A photocell automatically brightens the LEDs for visibility in direct sunlight, and dims them at night to avoid distraction
-The gauge is designed for plug-in installation with no wire splicing
For more information, contact Harley-Davidson at (800) 443-2153, or visit www.harley-davidson.com

Drag Specialties/Ness Stealth I and II Mirrors $30.95
-Stealth mirrors are available in a clear or "Blue Sapphire" tinted design
-The Stealth I mirror has a 4-3/4-inch stem and works great on most pullback and ape hanger bars
-Stealth II includes the same great custom mirror head but has a 6-inch stem and is perfect for drag or custom handlebars
-Heads measure 5-inch x 2-1/2-inch and can be either installed on the right or left side. Mount on '72-'08 H-D clutch or brake lever housings and most custom mounting applications
For more information, contact Drag Specialties at www.dragspecialties.com

J&P; Cycles Kruzer Kaddy $39.99
-Holds beverages, sunglasses, cell phones, radios, and more
-Kaddy makes items easily accessible at any time and it comes with two foam inserts to accommodate various sizes of drink containers such as 12- oz cans and 20-oz bottles
-Fits 7/8-inch to 1-inch handlebar
-Chrome switch adapter also available that fits '82-'07 H-D switch housings
-Available in chrome or black finishes
For more information, contact J&P; Cycles at (800) 397-4844,or visit www.jpcycles.com

Custom Cycle Engineering Magneto Coil Housing $299
-Simplifies the ignition system on generator right side with alternator left side case H-D style motors
-Housing built around a classic Wico Magneto cover
-Bolts up to the generator location and hides a common 12V motorcycle coil, and looks like you are running a Wico magneto; in fact, there is a coil hidden away behind the cap
-Must be run in conjunction with the stock timer (distributor)
For more information, contact Custom Cycle Engineering at (800) 472-9253, or visit www.customcycleengineering.com

Howard's Hog HornsTranny Sprocket Socket $60
-Removes mainshaft locknut
-Socket is a thick walled 6-1/2-inch shaft, with 1-7/8-inch hex, 1/2-inch drive socket, heat-treated for strength and durability
-Works on '36-'05 Big Twin and Twin Cam 88A and B, and includes an alignment collar to keep socket aligned to nut
-Socket and collar are both chrome-plated
For more information, contact Howard's Hog Horns at (770) 992-0034, or visit www.howardshorns.com

Miller Passive Welding Helmets $33-$63
-MP-10 stands for Miller Passive-shade #10 filter, which is a standard shade for general welding applications
-Available in the best-selling "Inferno" graphic design or a basic black design
-Uses the same shell as Miller's Elite Series auto-darkening helmets, but uses a passive lens
-Weighs only 18 oz., features a large 16 sq.-in. viewing area, excellent skin coverage, and a magnifying lens holder for "cheater" lenses, which can provide a better view of the weld puddle
For more information, contact Miller Electric, Mfg. at (800) 327-8132, or visit www.millerwelds.com

Mammoth Choppers Risers $275
-Pullback risers feature spiked tops with hidden mounts
-Available in 5-inch and 7-inch rise
-Triple Show Chrome Plated Billet
-Made in the USA
For more information, contact Mammoth Choppers at (800) 235-0272, or visit www.mammothchoppers.com

Hawg Halters RoadLok MID Sniper $499
-Incorporates the RoadLoK MID into the 500 Series 4-Piston Brake Caliper designed for most '84-'07 Harley-Davidson motorcycles
-Attaches directly onto the front rotor, which means you don't have to carry around a loose padlock or heavy chain to secure your bike
-Won't have to remove that old disc lock when attempting to ride away
For more information, contact Hawg Halters at (877) 442-5837, or visit www.hawghalters.com

Joker Machine Fork Leg Cap Covers $49.95
-Reverse teardrop shaped design that covers the top of the OEM hex bolt found on '87 to present Wide Glide frontends
-Precision CNC-manufactured from billet aluminum and fully chrome-plated
-Attach in seconds onto your existing fork hex bolt with a secure setscrew
For more information, contact Joker Machine at (909) 613-0028, or visit www.jokermachine.com

Kuryakyn Flamed Passenger Board Covers $99.99
-Front edge incorporates a soft bumper to protect your legs when coming out of parking spaces or other tight spots
-Include interchangeable skull and Maltese Cross emblems
-Also available in the widow theme
For more information, contact Kryakyn at (866) 277-9598, or visit www.kuryakyn.com

Pingel Enterprise Hand Grips

-Billet aluminum handgrips for many styles of Harley-Davidson motorcycles
-Feature a coarse knurl for better grip and for better riding
-Bolts directly to '73-'07 Harleys, except air assisted forks
For more information, contact Pingel Enterprise at (608) 339-7999, or visit www.pingelonline.com

MC Advantages Scavenger
Starting at $59.95

-Developed by Rogue Choppers, this is a total oil change system for Evo, Twin Cam A and B, and Sportster motors
-System completely flushes dirty oil, replacing it with new oil every time it's changed
-The "puck" is made from aircraft-quality aluminum, and all hardware and hoses are included for complete filtering process
For more information, contact MC Advantages at (800) 726-9620, or visit www.mcadvantages.com

MacTools Lighted
Inspection Mirror $17.99

-2-3/8-inch LED case illuminates darkened areas and features a textured cushion grip that will not slip in wet or oily hands
-Comes with two easily replaceable watch batteries
-Packaged in a four-piece display with two Velcro strips on the back for easy placement on the truck
-All-angle ball joint holds the lighted mirror head firmly at any angle for perfect viewing
For more information, contact MacTools at (800) MACTOOLS, or visit www.mactools.com

Storz/Bub H-D Nightster Pipes $965
-Features two individual head pipes with stepped diameters leading into beautifully tapered megaphones with billet aluminum end caps
-Fixed steel baffles produce a mellow but powerful exhaust note and never require repacking
-Pipes have individual heat shields that run from the cylinder head to the start of the megaphone and intended for rubber mount Sportsters from '04 to present, including fuel injected models
For more information, contact Storz at (805) 641-9540,
or visit www.storzperf.com

George's Garage Wrist Pin
Bushing Remover/Installer $73

-Designed specifically to remove and install the wrist pin bushings on '73-'98 and '99-'06 Harley Big Twins, Sportsters, and any connecting rod with the exact same rod top end and bushing dimensions
-This tool is designed to remove and install the rod wrist pin bushing with ease
-Precision machined of high-grade steel
For more information, contact George's Garage at (909) 843-7043, or visit www.georges-garage.com

Arlen Ness '08 Big Suckers for FLTs Starting at $124.95
-Redesigned backing plate and filter fit '08 FLT models
-Easy to install, with an increase in performance
-Available with or without chrome billet covers
-All installation hardware included with each kit
For more information, contact Arlen Ness at (925) 479-6350, or visit www.arlenness.com