Harley-Davidson Pro Street Custom, Swedish-Style

A salt flats-inspired custom V-twin

goose-like arched frame

The goose-like arched frame Michael Ojala built continues perfectly to the front end in such a unique and graceful way. It is the centerpiece of the machine and gives a very tough yet classy stance. With the long front end the salt flats look is perfect.

DH Carter

In 2011, after building motorcycles for five years, reason overtook passion for Swedish-born metal fabricator Michael Ojala and he decided to build his last bike: this brassed-out pro street beauty.

The bike’s name is Salt Flats but it gets ridden mainly in the streets of Hollywood, California, and that is why I decided to shoot it there. All photos were taken at the back lot of the Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Boulevard. This legendary nightclub was the perfect location for this machine. The Whisky sees plenty of rock with rising musicians and plenty of roll with their custom bikes, and the Salt Flats fits right in.

A lot is going on here. Its long, low profile is a nod to the digger and pro street styles, with all kinds of big and little details from stem to stern like small cool icons on the oil pan/battery cover, the brass gas tank cap, the see-through guard on the belt, and many more. If this truly is Ojala’s last motorcycle build, it’s a really great ending to that chapter of his life!

Evo 80 engine

The engine is stock Evo 80, Michael drilled a pattern on the covers and repainted it for a “not so stock” look.

DH Carter

Brass ID tags

Brass ID tags at the exhaust tips.

DH Carter

custom rear billet struts

The custom rear billet struts give the rear fender added depth, the rear fender itself can be adjusted to be as close or as far from the wheel as you’d like.

DH Carter

battery and the oil tank

Handy-dandy guide to locating the battery and the oil tank.

DH Carter


This motorcycle has lots of small details you do not pay attention to on first look.

DH Carter

grips, speedo and gas cap

The grips, speedo and gas cap are all pure brass. The speedo is located at the center highest point of the bike for best vision with a very race-style handlebar.

DH Carter

custom work

Looking at the custom work in the engine covers and foot controls, you could say Ojala went whole hog on this project. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

DH Carter

Bonneville Salt Flats tribute

Michael, a speed lover, wanted to pay tribute to all those who started riding the Bonneville Salt Flats back in the 1940s.

DH Carter

custom parts

He built most of the parts himself, such as the oil tank, handlebars, risers, seat, and more.

DH Carter