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Doherty Machine OnlineIf you're serious about Harley performance, www.dohertymachine.com is packed with the kind of detailed information you thrive on. The site is extremely user-friendly, even for amateurs. Easily maneuver through technical articles, magazine writeups, videos, and real-world product evaluations. In addition, you'll find detailed installation instructions for Doherty's most popular products, including Mystfree, Power Pacc, Power Vents, Phantom Oil Filter Kits, Wheel Spacer Kits, and Fat 200 rear-section conversions. There's even a printable version of the company's catalog. Check it out at www.dohertymachine.com, or call (928) 541-7744 for more information.

Jaybrake Acquires ProFab MetalwerksBob Slack, the owner of ProFab Metalwerks, along with Jay Brainard and Karl and Louis Horschel, has announced that Jaybrake has purchased ProFab Metalwerks. ProFab Metalwerks has been producing top-quality, innovative products for eight years and is best known for its radius license-plate brackets and transmission brakes. Bob is leaving the business to run the day-to-day operations of his family's trucking company in Ontario, Canada. Bob says, "This has been a very difficult decision for me. I have poured the last eight years into inventing and developing these product lines. I needed to see that if I sold, the new owners would be able to continue to carry on with our traditions of innovation and excellence. Jaybrake and Horschel Brothers Precision will certainly be able to improve on what I started."

ProFab Metalwerks has completed its move to the 80,000-square-foot facility in Springville, NY, that is also home to Jaybrake. All of the parts are in full production alongside the Jaybrake parts in the ISO 9001-2000-certified manufacturing facility. This certification means that ProFab Metalwerks is being audited based on stringent international quality standards for all manufacturing, measuring, design, and engineering functions.

For more information visit www.jbrake.com or www.profabmetalwerks.com.

MC Advantages and Hooker Get TogetherThe tire-burning, bad-attitude, race-inspired Hooker Header line recently debuted in the MC Advantages 2006 catalog. While MC Advantages offers the whole Hooker lineup through its Iowa-based facility, the catalog offerings focus on the newest releases from Hooker.

Considering Hooker's deep-seated hot rod heritage and the company's current focus on performance, it was no surprise to see great designs such as the Rebel, Troublemaker, Darksides, and Forbidden pipes among the MC Advantages promotions.

For more information, visit www.mcadvantages.com.