Harley Baggers: New mufflers from Cobra

Cobra Introduces $399.95 909-Twins Slip-ons for H-D Baggers

Cobra 909

Cobra 909 Mufflers

Cobra's latest slip-ons for your bagger.


Cobra has introduced a new muffler for Harley-Davidson baggers: The 909 Twins. “It’s not too hard to make a great looking, sounding and performing muffler for Harley’s when the price point skyrockets towards $800 bucks,” said Tim McCool, Cobra President. “But when you hit all those buttons and can bring it to market for under $400, then you’ve accomplished something. That’s what we did with these 909ers.”

The new 4-inch round muffler is unique on several fronts. First, the rear is finished with a rolled scalloped tip, not a simple slash cut. That rolled tip is matched with an inner core mirrored with the same scalloped shape. The inner tip is actually part of the constant velocity, tuned core. Also, there are no unsightly external screws holding in the tip or core. The cores themselves are spiral louvered, which deliver specific acoustic tuning properties. They produce a distinctive rumble under acceleration and a gruff growl on run down.

As with all of Cobra’s H-D exhaust, these new Twins feature the only limited Lifetime Warranty in the exhaust category, making it an even more desirable product. Cobra products are sold exclusively through premier motorcycle retailers. Check out www.cobrausa.com for a dealer near you, or phone 714-692-8180 for a free catalog.