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With Premium Ride suspension components from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories, owners may dial in the ride, sharpen the handling, or adjust the stance and fit of Harley-Davidson® Touring motorcycles. Harley-Davidson has engineered the Original Equipment suspension systems of its Touring models to deliver all-around comfort and a precise and responsive ride. With Premium Ride components, owners can take suspension performance a step further, personalizing the look and feel of their motorcycle to fit a customizing direction, a riding style or for a long road-trip.


Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks feature a nitrogen-emulsion charged design that provides enhanced compression and rebound capabilities, and a plush, controlled ride with better resistance to suspension bottoming. Larger chambers (40mm-diameter pistons and 14mm rods) allow these shocks to react more quickly to impacts. This keeps the tires tracking over irregular pavement while minimizing harshness transmitted through the frame to the rider and passenger. Spring pre-load can be easily adjusted for changing loads and road conditions using a convenient knob on the left shock, accessed after removing the left saddlebag.

Harley-Davidson Premium Ride shocks are offered in two versions – a standard and a low-profile ride height. The Standard Height Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks (P/N 54000008, $549.95) fit all 2009-later Touring models (except Trike and those equipped a Front Lowering Kit), and will maintain the ride height and suspension travel of models factory-equipped with standard-height rear suspension. These shocks can also be installed on Touring models factory-equipped with a lowered rear suspension, including Street Glide® and Road Glide® models, if an owner wants to exchange that lowered stance for approximately 50 percent more suspension travel. The Low-Profile Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks (P/N 54000091, $549.95) also fit all 2009-later Touring models (except Trike) and are factory-installed on current CVO™ Street Glide®, Street Glide® Special, Road Glide® Special, Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Low and Electra Glide® Ultra Limited Low models. When installed in place of standard-height shocks, these Low-Profile Premium Ride shocks lower the rear stance to give the bike a “slammed” custom look and can lower seat height by up to .75-inch, which can give some riders a more-confident reach to the ground. The Low-Profile Premium Ride shocks can also replace Original Equipment low-profile air-adjustable shocks to achieve an upgrade in suspension performance.


The Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit is designed specifically for 2014-later Touring model motorcycles with 49mm fork legs, an element of the Project RUSHMORE effort. Fork damping is controlled by a specifically calibrated piston and valve stack that delivers a linear damping force curve for consistent feel throughout the compression and extension of the suspension. The compression piston provides excellent low-speed damping for a better rider feel, and the rebound spring provides a smoother feel during topping. The triple-rate spring and oil lock resist bottoming and dive, and the cartridge allows the forks to absorb bumps and resist wheel hop for improved control under hard braking. The Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit - Standard Height (P/N 45500158, $349.95) maintains the standard front ride height. The Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit – Low Profile (P/N 45500157, $349.95) is Original Equipment on 2015 Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Low and Electra Glide® Ultra Limited Low models, and can be installed on other 2014-later Touring models that are also equipped with either Original Equipment or accessory lowered rear shocks. Each kit includes fork pipes, cartridges, fork bolts, main springs and oil seals. These fork kits do not fit Trike models.

The Premium Ride Double Cartridge Fork Kit (P/N 45500106, $429.95) for 2009-2013 Touring models (except Trike models) is a standard-height, high-performance suspension with superior ride quality that complements the Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Rear Shocks (Low-Profile and Standard ride height). The Double Cartridge Fork Kit replaces the Original Equipment front suspension to improve resistance to front brake dive, improve cornering and enhance bottoming control. The kit includes fork pipes, cartridges, fork bolts, main springs and oil seals.


The off-season storage period is a great time to have an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer check and adjust suspension sag or perform suspension upgrades, because there will be no loss of riding time. Also if you are thinking about customizing the look of your front forks, this a good time to also install the front suspension so you can combine the labor cost into one fee.

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