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Heyltje Rose Bond's Berserker Baby line

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Weapons from left to right: sole mace, battle axe, revolver, mace

Courtesy of Heyltje Rose Bond

If you're in the market for something unusual in the jewelry department, Heyltje Rose Bond may have what you need. The So Cal artist conjured up the Berserker Babies line and she's launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. These hand-cast sweet baby doll necklaces sport a maniacal twist. They come armed with your choice of a revolver, mace or battle axe.

"Nostalgia definitely plays a part in my work," she says. "Why are we so drawn to the mementos of our childhood? My jewelry exudes the playfulness of things close at heart. It is often tweaked to implore a harder edge that comes with age. We learn that life isn’t all roses and unicorns after all.…..

Hence, Berserker Babies were born with a sinister smile."

Bond has sold her work to famous musicians and bike builders alike, ranging from Joe Perry to Billy Lane. Her work began in leather but in more recent years she's added metalworking to her skillset. You can check out her Kickstarter campaign here and get a sweet deal when you get involved!

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