GMA Forward Controls for 2017

Newly designed foot controls incorporate customer requests

2017 gma harley foot controls

Playin' footsies!

Courtesy of GMA/BDL

Just released by GMA, a subsidiary of Belt Drives Limited, these eye catching forward controls incorporate noteworthy modifications targeting specific customer requests. Most noteworthy, mounting brackets have been completely reshaped from earlier models providing a lower profile and unique, super clean appearance. Additionally, control kits Part #’s GMA-FC-100 & GMA-FC-200 now feature a splined shift shaft and shift shaft arm with pinch bolt for plenty of indexing options. The shaft is also larger in diameter and supported by an oil impregnated bronze bushing pressed into the left side mounting bracket. They’ve also fit an adjustable actuating rod and clevis design for the rear brake pedal, while retaining the adjustable indexing foot lever. A nice touch to get both the brake and shifter levers right where you want them. The redesigned mounting brackets make for a simple, unhindered installation and provide plenty of clearance for aftermarket frames. The new controls will fit your standard OEM (3) hole left side and (2) hole right side FX and early FL style frames. GMA calls out 1986-1999, but they will fit earlier models. 70’s Shovelhead applications require a modified voltage regular mount. Manufactured 100% in the USA the high tech controls provide the ultimate in form, feel and function. GMA controls are priced from $450.00 to $560.00 depending on style, ROUND or FLAT pegs, and finish, show chrome, gloss black or polished. For complete details visit the BDL/GMA site at