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Arai XD-4


Call ’em what you want — Dual-sport, enduro, or hybrid helmets — but don’t call them lame. Once reserved for the KTM and BMW adventure-bike crowd, these helmets have been popping up on the heads of Harley riders lately and we wanted to know why.

After strapping on these helmets and hitting the highway for a stretch of time, we found the answer. First it’s the shape of the helmet and roomy feel when the shield is down. Second is the fit. Third is simply that they do look pretty cool and do a great job of setting you apart from the legions of peanut-shelled and skull-capped riders out there.

As you can see there are price points and levels of quality for each and every rider. Some of these lids are mass-produced by corporations and some are made one-by-one by a family business. Also, with most of the top companies in the helmet game joining in on this genre, all of you brand loyalists can get in on the action as well.

Shoei Hornet


Joe Rocket RKT-Hybrid


Gmax DM-11 Dual Sport