GEICO Hot Bike Tour Sponsor Spotlight | Coker Tire

The leading maker of collector vehicle tires sponsor the Tour

born free 8 coker tire

Invited builder Arie VanSchyndel and his Coker-tired chopper

Photo: Jose Gallina

At Born Free 8, 18 of the 28 competing bike builders used Coker tires on their motorcycles. “To have more than half of the top bikes at an event like Born Free equipped with our tires is an honor and a testament to our focus on both period-correct details and real-world performance,” said Wade Kawasaki, President and COO of Coker Tire. “For years hot rodders, custom car builders and even concours-winning restorers have known that Coker tires offer the best balance of aesthetics and performance, so we’re thrilled to see the custom bike community choosing our motorcycle tires with authentic tread designs and sidewall markings from legendary brands like Firestone.” This year, Coker Tire also sponsored our very own GEICO Hot Bike Tour.

I'm not surprised, though. Since 1958, Coker Tire has supplied car and bike enthusiasts with the right tires and wheels for their collector vehicles and their everyday drivers. These days Coker Tire is the world’s largest manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels for collector vehicles, including custom motorcycles. Popular products include whitewall tires, redlines and white letter tires, available in bias ply and radial construction. See more for yourself at Coker Tire's website.

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