GEICO Hot Bike Tour Builder Spotlight | Jake Cutler

A little Q&A with the New England custom bike builder

GEICO Hot Bike Tour Jake Cutler

Jay and proud father Doug.

Courtesy of Jake Cutler

Barnstorm Cycles launched in November 2004 by father and son team Doug and Jake Cutler. It was the culmination of their lifelong love for motorcycles. Now, Jake is one of the 14 invited builders for the GEICO Hot Bike Tour. Here's what he had to say to our quick questionnaire.

Why'd you agree to be a builder for the Tour?

Seemed like a really cool time and a chance to see some top notch builder's work in person.

Describe your Tour bike in one word.


How would you describe your building style?

Hard to say. We definitely like the look of purpose built functional design.

What do you like most about the Tour?

Not sure yet as this is our first time participating, but we are excited for it, and we like an event that centers around actually riding.

How did you get started building motorcycles?

I grew up surrounded by motorcycles and motorcycle culture. Our home shop environment was very much a "fix it yourself" kinda shop . That foundation paved the way for me to go from riding & fixing bikes, to modifying them, to ultimately to building them.

With the South being the birthplace of barbecue, which do you prefer: ribs, brisket, or pulled pork?

Tough call, but Id have to say the pulled pork.

GEICO Hot Bike Tour Jake Cutler

Jake Cutler hard at work putting mallet to metal. Wonder what he's making...

Courtesy of Jake Cutler