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rokform cell phone protector

Always use protection.

Photo: Hot Bike Staff

Sure, we have all bungled a mobile phone or two out of our hands and gazed frighteningly as it took a waist-high tumble to the terra firma below. Now place yourself on a motorcycle and then imagine your electronic lifeline to the world falling out of your pocket and onto the tarmac. Not good, huh? Well, the folks at RokForm have more than a few made-in-the-USA ways to keep that Apple or Android smartphone of yours protected and secured while riding.

The Fusion +RMS case on your left is the end-all in high-impact cases and the RokShield v3 on the right isn’t too shabby in its protection performance either. RokForm has all sorts of mix-and-match colors (we chose black) and feature two ways to attach them to bikes, cars, or anything else. The first is RokForm’s patented “male-female” camlock mount, and the other is a beefy, rare earth magnet. We have used both ways of attachment with great success, and the magnet is strong enough to keep a smartphone locked onto a gas tank even over the roughest of roads.
With a slew of mounts for dashes, handlebars, tripods, or other inventive custom fitments, RokForm is leading the way with simple, yet very effective, American-made smartphone case designs.

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