Hitcase Pro

Action Sports Case

So let’s just say you shelled out a bunch of money for the newest iPhone and now you don’t have enough dough for the latest GoPro. Yeah, it’s a dilemma, but what are you going to do? Well, the fine folks at Hitcase have made a solution that can and will allow you to use that iPhone of yours as a sweet H-D video camera. We have been using ours for a few months and are very impressed by the quality video that can be made with the Hitcase. If you want to see some of the videos we made, check it out

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Disco Bluetooth Speaker

With the advent of the MP3s and Pandora Radio, let’s face it kids, CDs and cassettes are dead. When it was time to ditch the ancient ghetto blaster in my garage, I opted for a Supertooth Disco Speaker that wirelessly streams all of the music I already have stored in my phone and iPod Touch. I was amazed at the quality of sound and loved that it takes up much less room than the Radio Raheem edition radio I had before. For all of you not living in the 20th century yet, the Supertooth also has a 3.5mm stereo input jack for all of your non-Bluetooth MP3 players and Jurassic-aged Walkmans.

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Q Card Case for iPhone

I really dislike carrying a bunch of crap with me when I ride. That’s why I like this handy phone cover/card holder by CM4. It sits on my iPhone without any sort of bulk and easily holds my ID, Amex, AAA, and ATM cards. Now instead of hauling around a big and bulky “Costanza” wallet, I can slip this little gem right into my vest pocket and have all I need when I hit the road.

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