Gateway To Heaven

My Two Cents

I've always known Colorado was beautiful since I was assigned to report on the state when I was 10. It wasn't until a few years ago when I visited Denver and its surrounding areas that my fourth-grade vision was validated. Riding through the Rocky Mountains is indescribable. I thought that was as good as it could get until I arrived at Gateway, Colorado, for the 2011 Victory press launch in August. I was in awe. I'm not even sure awe does justice to how incredibly picturesque Gateway is, but I believe someone referred to the way the sun hits the rustic red sandstone canyons at dawn/dusk as being visually orgasmic. It was.

Gateway is about a 50-mile jaunt from Grand Junction, isolated among a remote stretch of the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway. Upon entering Gateway, commerce ceased to exist, but I ventured about a mile further and rolled into, in my opinion, Colorado's Shangri-La, Gateway Canyons Resort ( I'd always pictured utopia as being lush, green, tropical, maybe surrounded by sea foam green waters, but after visiting Gateway, I reconsidered.

Gateway Canyons is the brainchild of Discovery Channel founder, John S. Hendricks, who came to the area in 1995 to build the family home. He wanted to share his love of the canyons by providing a sanctuary for travelers amidst the Uncompahgre Plateau, Piñon Mesa, and La Sal Mountains. Luckily for us he did. The Gateway Canyons Resort is a full-service getaway that allows its patrons the true feeling of serenity with uncompromised customer service, amenities, dining, and activities. And the riding in the area is second to none.

After absorbing Gateway's surroundings, I felt rejuvenated. For once, I could hear myself think. It was calming, relaxing, something I'm not too familiar with being from SoCal. No traffic, no smog, no rude people; I was surrounded by nature and I had a stable of Victory's new motorcycles at my beck and call. I was in heaven. If you're looking to escape on a motorcycle excursion, go to Gateway. You won't be disappointed.