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S100's Care Set

S100 care set

S100 care set

Hot Bike Staff

Have you ever looked on the back of the container of those “car care” products you have been using to clean your bike with? I bet you that it probably states in black and white “not for motorcycle use.” Why is this, you ask? Because bikes like ours have a myriad of fragile finishes. Actually many of the products formulated for cleaning and detailing cars are far too harsh for a motorcycle’s rubber, leather, chrome, stainless steel, and anodized and polished aluminum.

Don’t y’all fret none because the bike-cleaning experts at S100 have you covered with a care set that houses the best and brightest of motorcycle cleaning aids all in one place.

Housed in this set is a 16.9-ounce bottle of S100’s Total Cycle Cleaner, a 7.2-ounce can of Corrosion Protectant, a 3.56-ounce tube of Finish Restorer, and a 10-ounce aerosol can of Detail and Wax. Topping the kit off is S100’s super-absorbent drying towel and closed-cell sponge all housed in a handy storage case. We found that the combination of the Total Cycle Cleaner and Detail Wax is a fast and easy way to get the most encrusted of bikes clean. The Corrosion Protectant is also a great application to bikes both old and new that actively fights to keep off the creeping rust and tarnishing of that shiny stuff we all love so much.

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