Oil Filter Wrench

Using rubber bands or automotive wrenches to get your oil filter off is a pain in the ass and it damages the filter. Motorcycle-specific filter tools are plentiful and cheap.

Torx and Allen Wrenches

Due to advanced torque specs, for the past decade or so bikes have been employing both Torx and Allen bolts. In short, you can’t work on your bike without owning these.

Thread Locker

We all know V-twin motorcycles shake like hell. If you don’t use red and blue thread locker where needed, shit is going to fall off of your bike when you least expect it.

Soldering Iron

Wiring problems always arise on motorcycles, so it’s always handy to have a cheap soldering iron stowed away for when the lights go out.

10mm 12-Point Wrench

Any newer Harley uses 10mm 12-point metric bolts to secure the calipers to the bike. Do yourself a favor and add either a socket or open-end wrench to your toolbox before you ever need it.

MAAP Torch

All bikes come slathered with thread locker and by adding a little heat via this Bernz-o-Matic torch, those frozen nuts and bolts will break free in no time.

Spare Fuses

When your bike won’t start or your lights go out, always look to the fuses first. Fuses are cheap insurance and always come in handy.

Test Light

When trying to figure out what wire goes where or why something isn’t getting an electrical charge to it, instead of guessing, get a test light and find out correctly.

Torque Wrench

Getting proper torque is much more than just tightening down a nut or bolt. It ensures that the proper amount of tension is being applied to the fastener, yet doesn’t harm either the bolt or what it is being threaded into. Shearing bolts due to brute force is an expensive venture.

Bike Jack

A simple $100 bike jack can keep your bike from falling over on you while wrenching on it. It also comes in handy when cleaning the bike since you can get the wheels off of the ground and spin them around.