Fullmoon Customs Hot Bike Tour Road King

Matt Frick’s hog drops 222 pounds

Fullmoon Customs’ 2017 Road King in garage.

Fullmoon Customs’ 2017 Road King after hitting the gym and having some work done.

Jeff Allen

“Well, I am an old AMA roadracer who still loves a twisty road! And when I saw the Epic Moto Co. designs Chris Eder has out, I brought it to the attention of a client who was wanting to build a totally different type of custom build.” This is how Matt Frick and Fullmoon Customs started what would become his 2018 Geico Hot Bike Tour entry. It rolled fat as a 2017 Road King but since it left the showroom it has trimmed down from 882 pounds to a fighting weight of 660 pounds. That’s because while you can take the racer off the track, you can’t take the track out of the racer. Once you’ve got the high-performance bug, it doesn’t go away. Just as you’d expect, the upgraded handling is exactly what pulls Matt to it most: “It really brings me back to my old roadracing days!”

107-inch Milwaukee-Eight

That 107-inch Milwaukee-Eight is still mostly H-D but the pipe and intake make for better breathing which in turn makes for better performance.

Jeff Allen

What's the coolest aspect of the motorcycle and why?

The fact that you take a stock Road King and strip it down and reduce its weight from 882 pounds down to 660 pounds. It really changes the overall performance of the bike and really makes it come alive!

TBR 2-into-1 exhaust

Up close with the TBR 2-into-1 exhaust.

Jeff Allen

Is there anything you'd do different on this bike if you did it again?

I would change the nacelle to a more classic café-style racer look to give it a true old-school racing feeling.

Road King with a café-racer-esque tailsection and seat.

When was the last time you saw a Road King with a café-racer-esque tailsection and seat?

Jeff Allen

How did you first come to be involved with Hot Bike magazine and the tour?

Well, honestly, I had been talking to Epic Moto Co. founder and owner Chris Eder and I saw that he was an invited builder and asked him what he was taking out for the tour, and he said he wasn’t sure. So I offered to ship this build out so he could ride it on the tour. Chris answered, “Why don’t you just come out to the tour and ride too.” I was totally caught off guard by that, and once I checked it all out, I told him I would be glad to drive out and bring the bike out for him to ride on the tour. Well, once I got out there, Chris had something come up that was out of his control and he couldn’t make it. So I became the guy with the bike I built, that took his place. Totally unexpected, but honored to be a part of the 2018 Geico Hot Bike Tour.

Matt Frick’s custom built Harley-Davidson Tour bike.

Matt Frick’s Tour bike packs a pretty muscular stance.

Jeff Allen

How did you get started in riding motorcycles?

Well, growing up I used to love riding three- and four-wheelers and dirt bikes. Once I turned 18, I bought my first streetbike and I was hooked. Then after getting hit by a car two months after getting my first streetbike, I realized how much I enjoyed it, I decide to keep riding, but I decided to try out roadracing and had a pretty amazing time doing it. As my kids started getting older, I retired and started riding and building custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles in my garage. Thus the reason why I am now 45 and still ride!

The Epic Moto Co. headlight and foot controls.

Left: The Epic Moto Co. headlight is streamlined and funky at the same time. We like funky.

Right: Mid-mount Epic Moto Co. foot controls make deep leaning easier than you’d find with forward floorboards.

Jeff Allen

Spec Sheet

Owner Michael Secoy
Shop Fullmoon Customs LLC
Shop Phone (740) 819-3433
Website [email protected]
Year/Make/Model 2017/Harley-Davidson/Road King
Build Time 28 days
Year/Type/Size 2017/H-D/Milwaukee-Eight 107ci
Builder Matt Frick
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams H-D
Throttle Body H-D
Exhaust Two Brothers Racing 2-into-1
Air Cleaner Two Brothers Racing Moto intake
Year/Type 2017/H-D
Gears 6-speed
Clutch H-D
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type 2017/H-D
Rake/Stretch Stock / N/A
Front End H-D
Length Stock Stock
Triple Trees H-D
Swingarm H-D
Shocks Epic Moto Co.
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size SMT Machining Fullmoon Customs Exclusive/21-in.
Tire/Size 120/70-21
Calipers H-D
Rotors SMT Machining Fullmoon Customs Exclusive
Builder/Size SMT Machining Fullmoon Customs Exclusive/18-in.
Tire/Size 180/55-18
Caliper H-D
Rotor SMT Machining Fullmoon Customs Exclusive
Pulley SMT Machining Fullmoon Customs Exclusive
Colors R & M Paint (Designer White, Graphite Grey, and one shot of stripping orange)
Paint/Graphics Mark Burkett & Frank Moore
Plating/Polishing N/A
Powdercoating Powder Keg Powder Coating & Central Ohio Powdercoating
Front Fender Front Fender
Rear Fender Epic Moto Co.
Gas Tank H-D
Dash Epic Moto Co.
Gauges H-D
Handlebars Epic Moto Co.
Grips Arlen Ness
Mirrors Arlen Ness
Hand Controls H-D
Foot Controls Epic Moto Co.
Headlight Epic Moto Co.
Taillight Custom Dynamics
Turn Signals Custom Dynamics
License Mount Epic Moto Co.
Seat Hix Designs
Diamond pattern seat by Hix Designs.

Diamond pattern, schmiamond pattern. Hix Designs hexed the seat instead.

Jeff Allen

Bagger side panel of bike and Epic Moto Co. dash.

Left: One big clue harkening back to the bike’s bagger roots: that side panel. Some might mistake it for that of an FXR but it’s just too big for that.

Right: Fullmoon Customs swapped in this Epic Moto Co. dash.

Jeff Allen