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Flat Tracking And Scout Jumping At The Wild One

Camping, racing, bikes shows, and more with See See Motor in Oregon

When it comes to flat-track racing in the Pacific Northwest, there is no company like See See Motor Coffee. From the One Show to what is now called The Wild One (formerly Dirt Quake), See See has earned the reputation as a freewheeling host of good times, and attendees know they’re in for some rowdy fun whenever heading to a See See event.

The Wild One aims to be a spot for bikes that would normally have no place on a racetrack to get out on the dirt and bang some bars. From the looks of it, they were quite successful.

Race Classes (in their words):

  • Chopper: For choppers! Not factory customs or baggers, just choppers.
  • Street Tracker/Street Scrambler: Road-legal street trackers and scramblers, not racebikes or modern enduros.
  • Inappropriate Road Bike: Harley Fat Boys, Trail 90s, Ducati Panigales, virtually any road bike. If it shouldn't be on a dirt track, it's in.
  • Lady: Women racers on any of the above bikes (not real racebikes, please). Women can enter any other class if they prefer.
  • Tripod: Three-wheelers (and snowmobiles, of course).
  • Minibike: Pull-start ’Taco style and three-speed autos only.
  • Hooligan: 750-plus-cc multi-cylinder beasts.

And as if all the flat-track racing wasn’t enough, a jump contest kicked things up a few notches. Jordan Graham pulled a heel-clicker on his Indian Scout and the other racers fought to one-up him. Maybe The Wild One TT is somewhere in See See’s future?

Check the1moto.com for more information on events from this rowdy crew.

rusty brown FXR bagger

A rusty looking FXR bagger hybrid

Justin George

fellow photographer on the dirt track

Always friendliness and camaraderie among photographers

Justin George

people in the river

Cooling off with a nice little dip in the river

Justin George

girl watching race through chain link fence

Fans cheering from the sidelines

Justin George

hooligan flat track racing at sunset

Hooligan flat trackin at sunset

Justin George

racers pledging national anthem

Hooligan racers pausing for the national anthem

Justin George

heel clicker stunt

Jordan Graham pulling a heel clicker on his Indian Scout

Justin George

winning chopper at wild one

Pretty sure this guy won the chopper class

Justin George

sportsters and scouts on flat track

Sportsters and Scouts dominate the Hooligan class

Justin George

fast hooligan on flat track

The Hooligans have gotten much faster over the last few years

Justin George

owner of See See Motor Coffee

Thor, owner of See See Motor Coffee

Justin George

indian scout jumping

Ummm I don't think these bikes were built for this...

Justin George

motorcycle crash on flat track

When riders went down, they went down hard

Justin George